Active Service-Modified Duty

These policies allow faculty members, under specific conditions such as the care of family members or personal disability, to have temporary (e.g., a semester/quarter/term) relief from or reduction of some duties without loss of pay. For example, this might include partial or full relief from teaching, service, or research. Each Active Service Modified Duties arrangement is individually tailored by the Dean and Provost. Any regular faculty member (full time, part time, tenure track or term) may request such an arrangement. The faculty member compensation may or may not be modified as part of the arrangement.

 "I was very seriously ill, and contemplating resignation. My Dean and the Associate Provost created an assignment for me which significantly reduced my teaching load while emphasizing service responsibilities. This matched my reduced physical energy while allowing me to continue to contribute." – Kevin Doyle

“The timing of the arrival of our new adoptive son was a bit of a surprise. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been home with him. My dean and department chair were extraordinarily accommodating regarding my teaching schedule. I was able to substitute other work for teaching for one quarter.” – Barbara Ozog