Pro-Rata Appointment

Pro-rata faculty members are given an appointment equivalent to half-time or more, but less than that of a full-time faculty member. Compensation, and time in service toward tenure and promotion are directly proportional to the faculty member’s appointment.

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Pro-rata faculty are faculty members who are ranked as defined in Section 2.1.3 and who are given an appointment equivalent to half-time or more, but less than that of a full-time faculty member. These faculty may be employed on probationary or continuous appointments. Such pro-rata faculty have rights to promotion, tenure, sabbatical leave, and fringe benefits as described herein on a pro-rata basis. They are full voting members of the faculty and have, on a pro-rata basis, responsibilities for advising, service on committees, and all other responsibilities of full-time faculty members as detailed herein.

Throughout this Handbook, reference to "years of service" will refer to service equivalent years of full-time service (two semesters or three quarters, not including summer). Any pro-rating will be done accordingly. For example, whereas a promotion from assistant to associate professor requires six years of full-time teaching at the assistant professor level, a pro-rata faculty member with a half-time appointment would need twelve years of half-time teaching before becoming eligible for promotion.


Faculty members with probationary appointments are reviewed by the Rank and Tenure Committee in their third-year [or full-time equivalent in the case of pro-rata faculty] unless they have been previously reviewed by the Rank and Tenure Committee. The faculty member will submit their application file to their Department Chair by February 1.


Faculty members having a probationary appointment are eligible for tenure provided they have completed six years of college teaching and ordinarily have compiled at least three years of service as a regular faculty member at Benedictine University (for pro-rata faculty, see Section The precise terms of any credit given for previous teaching experience will be stated in writing at the time of the initial appointment and will be incorporated into the initial letter of appointment (see Section

"I appreciated the opportunity to work part-time at the university because it gave me the flexibility to pursue other interests at the same time. Also, it was a good way to become familiar with the institution before I moved into a full-time position.” -- Vicki Jobst