Here is some information related to my teaching, my courses, and field trips I've enjoyed.

Click here for my curriculum vitae and publication reprints.

Teaching philosophy

Click here to read my views on designing courses, teaching, and learning.


Courses I teach

These are some courses I'm currently teaching. Click on each to view a syllabus. (Currently enrolled students: Get your syllabus from your D2L website!)

Biology 197 – Principles of Organismal Biology

Biology 199 – Principles of Biology Lab

Biology 275 – Invertebrate Zoology

Biology 322 – Paleobiology

Biology 393 – Great Ideas in Biology and Medicine

These are some courses I've taught previously during my years at the University of West Georgia. Click on each to view a syllabus.

Geology 1121 – Physical Geology

Geology 1121L – Physical Geology Lab

Geology 1122 – Historical Geology

Geology 1122L – Historical Geology Lab

Interdisciplinary (XIDS) 2002 – Darwinian Evolution
(cotaught with Dr. Julie Bartley, now at Gustavus Adolphus College)

Geology 4024W/L – Invertebrate Paleontology (with lab)

Geology 4082 – Paleobiology Research (Supervised independent research)

Geology 4103W – Dinosaurs!

Geology 4501 – Seminar: Macroevolution and Biodiversity Through Time

Biology 4985W – Special Topics in Biology: Paleontology

Teaching is a group effort. Educators are welcome to use or modify these syllabi for their needs; I always welcome feedback and suggestions.

Field trip photos

Click on the following to view photos from various field trips we've run.

Paleontology of Illinois

Spring 2011: Racine Reef complex, Thornton Quarry, Thornton, IL

Spring 2010: The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Racine Reef complex at Thornton Quarry, Thornton, IL

Georgia Valley and Ridge province

Spring 2007 (at UWG)

Summer 2006 (at UWG)

Spring 2006 (at UWG)

Paleontology of Georgia and Alabama

Fall 2007: Conasauga Formation, Coosa Valley, GA (at UWG)

Fall 2005: Bangor Formation, AL & GA (at UWG)



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