Verification Process and Forms

The federal verification process is a quality control measure that requires students to submit proof of the data submitted on the FA. About one third of all FA records will be selected for verification by the federal processor.

Recent changes to the verification process have resulted in changes to how data is collected for FA verification.

Typically, students will be asked to submit:

Verification Deadlines

Federal Pell Grant:  A Pell applicant selected for verification must complete the process by the deadline published by the Department of Education.  As of this writing, the notice for 2016-2017 has not been published but is expected to be September 28, 2017, or 20 days after the student’s enrollment, whichever is earlier.

Campus-Based and Direct Stafford Loans:  Campus-Based and Stafford Loan applicants must complete verification two weeks prior to the end of the term.

Failure to submit requested documents will result in the loss of eligibility for Title IV aid.
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