Welcome to Benedictine University’s General Education Program

Your major will prepare you for your first job, but General Education will prepare you for the rest of your life.

General education courses provide the experiences, knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage life’s challenges. They teach students that there are multiple ways to study and solve problems, and stress the importance of being an informed and active citizen. Benedictine’s General Education Curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary learning, community, and real-world experiences that link classroom knowledge with current problems. The curriculum includes Basic Skills courses, Distribution Requirements and an emphasis on global and sustainability issues. In addition, we require two Interdisciplinary Seminars and experiential learning (which includes a Learning Community and Engaged Learning experience).

Center for Experiential Learning (BenXL)

Experiences matter! Experiential learning (Learning Communities and Engaged Learning) challenges students’ perspectives and helps them think critically to solve complex problems. Experiential learning activities occur outside of the classroom and integrate class materials with real-world experience. Afterward, students are guided through reflective exercises to draw connections between disciplines, theories and applications.

Examples of experiential learning include:

  • Course-related activities such as watching theatrical performances, exploring museums, conducting research in forest preserves, participating in simulations and partnering with local organizations.

  • Studying abroad for a semester or faculty-led trips. These experiences offer opportunities for students to learn about people of diverse cultures and faiths and expand students’ global perspectives.

  • Internships and service learning. Students gain meaningful experiences in the work setting and in the community that prepare them for their careers and life as engaged citizens.

BenXL is a one-stop-shop clearinghouse for all experiential learning opportunities available to Benedictine students. They can access BenXL to find experiences that mirror their major field of study and interests, or receive guidance on how they can apply experiential learning to help them succeed in their college and future professional careers.

Student testimonials

“The skills I learned this semester are really invaluable. I learned about working as a team and how to talk to people in an environment where things may not always go your way.” - College of Science

“Through my experience I was able to broaden my communication, teamwork and teaching skills, which will serve me well in the future.” - College of Education and Health Services

“I learned so much from the instructors about planning, problem-solving and people.” - College of Business