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Software in Campus Computing Labs

Listed below are over 100 software titles available in the campus academic computing labs, on instructor workstations and in public study areas on campus.

Request New Software

If you don't find the software you need, you can suggest new software for the labs using the online Request New Software form.


The most current version of computing lab software is installed one month prior to the start of the term. Programs are only installed in Campus Computing Labs twice a year during the Summer and Winter breaks between terms to minimize disruption of service.


The Service Desk (6684) can answer questions about most of the core software programs listed. Most of the software is highly specialized for specific classes, such as engineering and statistical analysis software. These packages are provided at the request of the faculty for use in instruction. Students should seek assistance on these packages from their faculty member.

Vendor Software Version Support
7-Zip 7-Zip 9.22beta 9.22beta Help Desk
ActiveState Software Active Perl Package Manager 5.16.1604 Faculty
ActiveState Software ActivePython 2.7.9 Faculty
ADInstruments LabChart 7.1.2 Faculty
ADInstruments LabTutor Suite 4.5.2400 Faculty
Adobe Acrobat Distiller X Faculty
Adobe Acrobat Pro X Help Desk
Adobe Acrobat: Firefox Add-In 11 Help Desk
Adobe After Effects 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Audition 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Bridge 5.1 Faculty
Adobe Content Viewer 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Contribute 5.1 Faculty
Adobe Device Central 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Encore 5.1 Faculty
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Extension Manager 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Fireworks 5.1 Faculty
Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Faculty
Adobe Flash Catalyst 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Flash Professional 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Illustrator 5.1 Faculty
Adobe InDesign 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Internet Explorer - Add-In - Adobe PDF 10 Help Desk
Adobe Internet Explorer - Add-In - Shockwave 11 Help Desk
Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 Faculty
Adobe Media Encoder 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Mocha for After Effects 5.5 Faculty
Adobe OnLocation 5.1 Faculty
Adobe Photoshop 5.1 Faculty
Adobe Photoshop (64 Bit) 5.1 Faculty
Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.6 Faculty
Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 Faculty
Adobe Reader 11 Help Desk
Adobe Shockwave Flash 14 Faculty
Adobe Shockwave Flash: Firefox Add-In 14 Help Desk
Adobe Widget Browser Faculty Any Video Converter 5.6.6 Faculty
Apple Quicktime 7.75 Help Desk
Apple Quicktime: Firefox Add-In 7 Help Desk
Audacity Audacity 1.2.6 Faculty
AVerMedia INFORMATION, Inc. AVerVision 3.1.2 Help Desk
BlueJ Team Blue J 3.1.1 Faculty
CambridgeSoft Corporation ChemBioOffice 14 Faculty
Cinderella Cinderella 2.8 Faculty
Cytoscape Consortium Cytoscape 3.1.1 Faculty
Desire2Learn Capture 8.3 Help Desk
Discover Discover! Science Series Faculty
Enthought, Inc Canopy (32-bit) Faculty
Free Software Violet UML Editor 2.0.1 Faculty Gap 4.7.5 Faculty
Geany develop team Geany 1.24 Faculty
Gephi Gephi 0.8.2 Faculty
Google Chrome 37 Help Desk
Google Google Earth 7.1.2 Faculty
Hypnagogic Software Knot Plot 1 Faculty
IBM SPSS Statistics 22 Faculty
Inspiration Software, Inc. Inspiration 6.0b Faculty
International GeoGebra Institute GeoGebra 4.4.40 Faculty
Key Curriculum Press Geometer's Sketchpad 4.07 Faculty
LI-COR, Inc. Image Studio 2.0.38 Faculty
Maplesoft Maple 16 Faculty
MathWorks, Inc Matlab 8.3 Faculty
Microsoft Access 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Excel 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Excel Add-In - Analysis ToolPak Faculty
Microsoft Excel Add-In - Solver Add-in Faculty
Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2.1 Help Desk
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 Help Desk
Microsoft Office 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft PhotoStory 3 for Windows 3.0.1 Faculty
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Project 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Silverlight 5.1 Faculty
Microsoft Visio 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Faculty
Microsoft Windows DVD Maker Help Desk
Microsoft Windows Media Center Help Desk
Microsoft Windows Media Player Help Desk
Microsoft Windows Media Player: Firefox Add-In Help Desk
Microsoft Word 2010 Help Desk
Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope 3.0.76 Faculty
MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten    Grp Scratch 1.4 Faculty
Mozilla Firefox 31 Help Desk
Nathan Carter Group Explorer 2.2 Faculty Netbeans 8 Faculty
NIH ImageJ 1.48v Faculty
NWB Team Network Workbench Tool 1 Faculty
Open Source Eclipse Java Juno Faculty
Open Source jGrasp 2.0.0_12 Faculty
Oracle Java 7.0.67 Help Desk
Oracle Java: Firefox Add-In 7 Help Desk
Oracle Java: Internet Explorer Add-In 7 Help Desk
PaperCut PaperCut MF Client 11.6 Help Desk
Perl Express Group Perl Express 2.5 Faculty
PTC MathCAD 14.0.3 Faculty
Python Software Foundation Python (64 bit) 3.4.1 Faculty
R Core Team R for Windows 3.1 Faculty
RealNetworks RealNetworks: Firefox Add-In 1.3 Help Desk
RealNetworks RealNetworks: Internet Explorer Add-In 1.3 Help Desk
RealNetworks RealPlayer 16.0.3 Help Desk
Roxio Creator Business 10.3 Help Desk
SAS Institute Inc. SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1 Faculty
Smart SmartBoard Software Faculty
Sysinternals ZoomIt 4.5 Faculty
TechSmith Corporation Jing 2.8 Faculty
Texas Instruments Inc. TI Connect 1.6 Faculty
Texas Instruments Inc. TI SmartView 3.2 Faculty
Univ of California Berkeley Madonna 8.3.18 Faculty
Vernier Software & Technology Logger Pro 3.8.7 Faculty
VideoLAN VLC media player 2.1.3 Faculty

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