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Student How To's
   Intro To: Student Home Page    
    How To: Search Classes    
    How To: Self-Register    
    How To: Add Classes to Your Shopping Cart    
    How To: View My Early Warning Notices    
    How To: Official Withdrawal & Refund Policy    
    How To: View & Print Grade Reports    
    How To: View Unofficial Transcript    
    How To: Apply for Graduation    
    How To: View Account & Make Payments    
    How To: View Your Enrollment Appointment    


Faculty/Staff How To's
   Intro To: Faculty-Staff Home Page    
    How To: Change Employee Information    
    How To: Manage BenAlert Contacts    
    How To: View Paycheck    
    How To: Update Federal W-4 Tax Form    
    How To: Set User Preferences/Default Values    
    How To: View Teaching Schedule    
    How To: View Your Class Roster    
    How To: View Classroom Schedule    
    How To: Enter Class Attendance    
    How To: Issue Early Warning Notices    
    How To: Submit Final Grades    
    How To: Obtain a Grade Change Form    
    (AUP) Acceptable Use Policy    
    How To: Add Advisor Comments    
    How To: View Student's Unofficial Transcript    
    How To: View Student's Advisor    
    How To: View Student's Enrollment Date    
    How To: View Student's Bio-Demo Info    
    How To: View Student's Early Warning Notices    
    How To: View Student's Career, Program, Plans, Sub-plans    
    How To: View Student's Course History    
    How To: View Student's Schedule    
    How To: View Student's Transfer Credit Report    
    How To: View Students on Waitlist    
    How To: Grant Student Approval to Register    

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