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Welcome to the Follow Me printing environment!


August 14, 2017


Dear Benedictine staff and faculty,

The Office of Information Technology is excited to announce a new printing initiative for the Lisle and Naperville campuses. We have partnered with Ricoh to bring you Follow Me Printing; a service that allows you to send a document to be printed and then picked up from any of the 91 Ricoh printers on campus. Once you print a document, you simply walk up any printer, swipe your BenU ID card (or enter your BenU credentials if you forgot your card at home that day), and release the document immediately.

Here are just a few of the reasons why this printing initiative was undertaken:

  • Currently, we have 117 printers deployed across the two locations, with 102 of them being different makes/models. The new deployment reduces the total printer count to just 91 printers with only 4 different models. This saves a large amount of time, effort, and money for the university by not supporting over 100 different toner types.
  • The Student Senate has been asking for a "green" printing initiative from the community and this addresses that request with a forecasted 15-20% reduction in printing.
  • In an effort to continue to reduce costs and control paper waste, every department will have the ability to receive and review reports that show how much (or little) their staff are printing.
  • This initiative is expected to save the university almost $200,000 over the next five years compared with how we are currently printing on campus (maintenance, toner/consumables, reduction in printed pages, etc.)

There are even more benefits and features! In addition to Follow Me Printing, we are able to add these printing features to all devices across campus:

  • Scanning of documents
  • Double-sided printing
  • Easy to use interfaces at the printer
  • Mobile printing (yes, print from your smart phone or tablet!)
  • Mac printing! For those of you with Macs, full printing is now available to you.
  • Remote monitoring of printers – Ricoh will be actively monitoring all the printers and will automatically ship replacement toner when devices reach pre-determined levels so that no device should become unavailable due to being out of toner.

We do recognize that this new initiative involves changes to how we currently work. However, please know that we, along with technicians from Ricoh, spent considerable time in researching typical monthly usage and locations of the current printers to try to minimize the impact of the change. We do very much appreciate your support and patience as we all adjust to the new process.

As this is a brand new way of printing, we are also aware that we may have to make adjustments in the beginning. Again, as we discover and implement opportunities for process improvement, we ask for your patience and assistance. We also encourage and ask for your input on how we can improve the new printing processes.

In the next few days, IT will be placing instructions on the new system at each of the printers.

On behalf of all of us in the Office of Information Technology, we hope that you enjoy and take full advantage of the new features and functionality in this new printing environment.

Before You Begin - Setup Instructions
How to Use the Printers (Printing, Scanning, Copying)
Mobile and Web Print Instructions
PaperCut's Mobility Print - How to print from an iOS device

 iOS Printing Notes:

  • Join either the Ben-Staff or Ben-Stud wifi network. (0:15 mark)
  • Accessing the print icon/link differs from app to app (0:30 mark)
  • Depending upon the app, you may need to select Airprint before selecting a printer (0:39 mark)
  • When prompted, enter your BenU User ID and password (0:42 mark)

PaperCut's Mobility Print - How to print from a Windows device

Windows Mobile Printing Notes:

  • Supports Windows 7+
  • Download the Mobility Print Printer Setup app
  • Join either the Ben-Staff or Ben-Stud wifi network. (0:11 mark)
  • Your PaperCut User Name and password are the same as your BenU credentials (0:55 mark)
  • RicohPrinters will be the only available printer (1:22 mark)

PaperCut's Mobility Print - How to print from an Android device

Android Printing Notes:

  • Download the Mobility Print app
  • Join either the Ben-Staff or Ben-Stud wifi network. (0:11 mark)
  • RicohPrinters will be the only available printer (1:20 mark)
  • Your PaperCut User Name and password are the same as your BenU credentials (1:49 mark)

PaperCut's Web Print

Web Print Notes:

  • You must be on the BenU network:
    • Join either the Ben-Staff or Ben-Stud wifi network
    • Login from your desktop computer (Mac or Windows)
    • From off-campus, login to BenU Connect
    • You can upload PDF, graphics (jpg, gif, and png), MS Word, and MS Excel files


Printing Costs and Account Replenishment

Account Credits:

  • Students who are on a semester schedule are each given a $50 printing credit at the beginning of each semester (starting Fall 2018 - this is up from the previous $35 per semester).

The cost of prints, which is deducted from that initial balance, is:

Printing Charges
  B + W Color
Single-Sided 10¢/side 25¢/side
Double-Sided 7¢/side (default setting) 20¢/side


If your printing balance is running low, you can add more funds:

  • Online in the PaperCut Portal (credit card only)*
  • In-person at the BenU Business Office in Lownik 105 (cash or credit card)


You can also check your current balance at anytime in the PaperCut portal.*

* to access the portal, you need to be on the university's network or logged in to BenU Connect.

How to Add Funds to Your Printing Account

Ordering Paper and Toner

Previously, departments would contact the shipping dock and place a paper order and their departmental budgets would be charged. As well, if a department needed toner, they would contact IT and we would charge their Office Supplies budget.

We are happy to announce that we have streamlined this process to make things easier as well as to allow your department to pay only for what you use.

To order paper, contact the shipping dock (x. 6634) and order paper. Now, your Office Supplies budget won’t be charged immediately for the paper. Instead, Business and Finance will charge your budget based on the number of prints that your department makes. (department heads will be sent a report showing usage). This way you’re not saddled with the cost of buying paper and toner and waiting until it’s used.

We anticipate that this should lower your supplies cost as well as relieving departments of trying to manage who is “using their paper”.

Please note that this applies only to 8×11 paper. For any other sizes (legal, tabloid, etc.), you will still have to purchase it upfront as needed.

Part of this new printing initiative is a partnership with Ricoh and their Managed Print Services (MPS). Ricoh will be remotely monitoring the status of all printers on campus and will automatically ship us replacement toner cartridges whenever MPS detects a toner cartridge whose remaining ink is at or below 30%.

And remember, never hesitate to contact our help desk at extension 6684 (630/829.6684 from off-campus) if you encounter any issues.
How to Print a Color Document

So you sent a color document to be printed and released it at a printer capable of printing color… and it came out in black and white. What happened?

To assist in the cost savings and environmental impact of printing, we set the printing system to default to print double-sided and in black and white. But you can easily override those settings. Here's how:

  1. When you're ready to print your document, ensure that RicohPrinters on Lisle PaperCut, is the selected printer (it should be already). If you're using Chrome, you need to use the system's print dialog, not Chrome's. See below for a screen shot.
  2. Click the "Properties" button beside the name of the printer.
    Image of a standard Windows Print Dialog box
  3. In the Printer Properties dialog box, choose "Color" from the Color/Black and White drop down menu at the bottom:
    Print Properties Dialog Box
  4. Click "OK" to return to the Print dialog box.
  5. Click "Print" to send the color document to PaperCut.

Make sure you confirm that you are releasing your print job at a color-capable printer!

Update: Are you Printing from the Chrome Browser?

Chrome supplies its own print dialog and, to print a color document from Chrome, you need to use the system dialog. Click Print Using System Dialog… at the bottom of the Chrome dialog box and then proceed with the steps above:

How to Print from Chrome

How to Use Email to Print

How to use Email to Print:

  1. Create a new email message using your BenU email address.
  2. Attach the document you wish to print to the email.
  3. Send the email to
  4. You then have 72 hours to come to campus and, from any of the Ricoh printers, login as your normally would and release your document.

Accepted File Types:

  • PDF files
  • MS Office Files (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint)
  • Picture files (jpg, gif, png)

Other Notes:

  • All attachments will be printed as double-sided.
  • You must use your BenU email address so that the server knows to put the print job in your queue
  • As with all email attachments for BenU email, file size is limited to 10 MB maximum
  • You can attach multiple files to an email (as long as the total file size of all attachments is 10MB or smaller) and each file will be a separate print job
  • If you want to print in color, make sure you send a color file and release the print job at a color printer


The Office of Information Technology is excited to present Follow Me printing, a new way of working at Benedictine University. Now you can print your document and then go to any of the 90+ printers on the Lisle or Naperville campuses, swipe your ID badge, and release the print while you wait.

Detailed instructions are posted at each printer, as well as available on this page.

If you have added funds to your printing account, you can request any unused portion of those additional funds be refunded to your credit card or rolled over to the following semester.

Request Refund/Transfer

Contact Us


Phone: (630) 829-6684

Office: KN228

Help Desk Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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