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Cisco Webex and Jabber Support

Cisco Webex - The Virtual Meeting Center


Launching a Webex Meeting from the New Modern View


Sharing Your Screen and Changing Roles


How to Record a Webex Meeting


A Day In the Life of Cisco Jabber


The Basics of Using Jabber


Personalizing the Jabber Experience


Using the Jabber Address Book


  • If you encounter problems or issues with your webex session, please call the IT Help Desk at extension 6684
  • If you have questions about how to use Webex's advanced features, log into Webex and click the "Support" link
Webex Meetings - Best Practices
  • Start your meeting on time to respect your participants' schedule
  • If you're recording the meeting, let your participants know at the beginning of the meeting
  • If you're using Webex for a presentation (as opposed to a meeting where people are talking back and forth), mute the participants until the end, when you should host a Q&A portion
  • End your meeting on time as well
  • If you're new to hosting Webex meetings, practice in your personal room once or twice to get a feel for where the options are (sharing, recording, assigning privileges, etc.)
  • Use the "Invite/Remind" feature of your meeting if any participants haven't logged in by the start of your meeting
  • As the host, you should login and start your meeting between five and ten minutes before the scheduled to start
Audio & Video Options


  • Use your personal room to test your audio setup prior to the actual meeting
  • If you have a headset and microphone, select the "Call Using Computer" audio option for clearest audio quality – especially if you plan on recording your meeting
  • If you don't have a headset and mic but you'll be hosting Webex sessions on a regular basis, please contact the Help Desk for a price on a set. A quality set is not very expensive anymore
  • If you have more than 10 participants in your meeting, disable to noise alert when people join or leave your meeting
  • Try to minimize any background noise that could be picked up by your mic or phone
  • Mute your mobile phone during the meeting
  • If you are a participant and you need to step away from the meeting, do not put your phone on mute as the hold music will be heard by everyone on the line – instead, mute yourself in Webex


  • For better performance, disable the use of video in your meeting if you have more than 5 or 6 participants
  • For best video quality, don't have your webcam pointed at a window otherwise you may end up as a silhouette
  • To help your participants feel engaged, remember to look at your webcam when talking instead of at your monitor – this will make the participants feel that you're looking right at them
  • To avoid double- and triple-chins, position your webcam so you have to tilt your head upward a bit. 
  • For best audio performance, we recommend the use of a headset and microphone – please call IT to get a quote on a set
  • We recommend the Logitech C270 webcam if you don't currently have a webcam
  • If you have a laptop or mobile device (tablet or a phone) with a built-in webcam, those will work fine although we would recommend a headset with mic.
  • It's better to share a specific application instead of your entire desktop
  • Turn off desktop notifications (Outlook, Jabber, etc.) to avoid accidentalyy showing private information
  • Close any browser windows that don't apply to your meeting
  • Close Outlook and other email applications to avoid sharing personal emails

In a nutshell, if you don't want it seen by the other people on your meeting, close it down.

  • Add your Webex personal room (See the section below, Using Your Personal Webex Room on how to find your room's URL) to Jabber under Options so that you can easily launch a Webex meeting from a Jabber session
  • If the notifications (either sounds or pop-ups) are distracting for you, you can turn them off under Options
  • Need to be left alone to complete a critical assignment? Just set your Jabber status to Do Not Disturb to prevent phone calls or messages to you
  • Adding contacts to your address book is optional but a great way to easily find and call/message people
  • Use groups to organize the contacts you add to your address book
  • The groups that you create in your address book will be displayed in alphabetical order. To force a group to appear at the very top, use a special character – like the asterisk – at the front of the group's name
  • Create a " * Frequently Called Numbers" group and populate with the contacts who you regularly call or message (the asterisk forces it to the top of the list)
  • To add a contact that is off-campus, remember to put an '8' at the front of their phone number when entering them into your address book
Using Webex and Chrome

Before using Webex in the Chrome browser, you need to install the Webex for Chrome extension. You can find and install it here.

If you don't install it, Webex will open but you cannot start or join any meetings.

Using Your Personal Webex Room
  • Don't forget to unlock your room if you want to let people join
  • Share your personal room address ( with people to increase your use
  • Enter your personal room information in Jabber so that you can quickly launch a Webex meeting from Jabber (see the video in the Jabber section of this page)
  • Upload a picture of yourself and customize your personal room – Cisco has instructions here to help you
  • For faculty, the personal room is a great way to offer online office hours

Standalone WebEx Recording Player (.arf files)

Download and install this utility to replay a WebEx recording in a standalone player or convert your .arf WebEx file to MP4.

WebEx Meetings Desktop App

The Webex Meetings desktop app allows you to start and join meetings quickly from your meetings list within the app without going to your calendar or Webex site. It also allows you to add a Webex meeting directly in Microsoft Outlook. The Windows version also supports integrations with Microsoft Office.

Webex Essentials, Presented by Cisco (length 25:40)


Beyond the Basics of WebEx, Presented by Cisco (length 27:53)


Host Powerful Meetings in Your Personal Room, Presented by Cisco (length 23:43)



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Chrome Users:

If you're using the Chrome browser, you need to install the Webex for Chrome extension first.