Our BenU-SUT joint MBA program combines quantitative and qualitative courses to prepare students for the demands of contemporary business leadership in a complex, uncertain environment. It is designed for working adults who seek flexibility in their course schedules and time to complete their degrees as part-time students. The courses are offered in an accelerated 2-weekend cohort format within 18 months. Our curriculum requires 64 quarter credit hours of graduate course work.

Courses taught by BenU side Courses taught by SUT side
MBA 6520---Leadership & Bus Ethics in Global Environment MBA 5510---Economics
MBA 6530---Organizational Behavior MBA 5541---Analytical Tools
MBA 6532---Organization Development MBA 6611---Managerial Economics
MBA 6641--- Info Technology Management MBA 6500---Financial Accounting
MBA 6659---Entrepreneurship MBA 6539---International Business
MBA 6661---Marketing Management MBA 6601---Managerial Accounting
MBA 6683---Project Management MBA 6630---Operations Management
MBA 6671---Strategic Management MBA 6651---Financial Management