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Study Abroad

Parent and Family Information 

Parents; please download "A Parent Guide to Study Abroad"


There is a misconception that participating in a study abroad program will add an extra semester to your student's time at college. This is not true.

Benedictine University has developed a course pre-approval process that allows students to take  courses that will work towards their major, minor or general curriculum requirements. All students participating in an individual study abroad program are required to fill out the Education Abroad Course Equivalency Form.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

Students can apply for a variety of study abroad scholarships. Visit the IPS Financial Information Page for a comprehensive list of scholarships. Students who participate in one of our exchange programs may apply all University, state and federal aid to cover expenses for a semester or yearlong  program. Students who decide to participate in third-party program offered outside of the Office of International Programs and Services may apply federal aid to their costs.

Financial aid advise includes financial management and understanding how systems work while studying abroad.  Here is a helpful link on understand credit card use abroad.


It is important to understand what the comprehensive and supplemental insurance plans cover and how payment is handled. For instance, many students must pay the full cost of a medical bill while abroad and then submit the bill to their insurance company later for reimbursement. In addition, all students are required to have comprehensive study abroad specific insurance coverage, which can be included in their program supplemental health insurance plans 



We want to make sure that all of our study abroad students are healthy and safe while participating in a programs abroad. International Programs and Services strongly recommends that students make a travel appointment with a health care professional before studying abroad. This appointment is intended to help assess any and all health issues relevant to the upcoming study abroad experience. Such issues might include vaccinations or boosters, or might be as simple as  reminders about healthy living while abroad. Either way, we encourage students to take this appointment seriously and to start making arrangements for such an appointment sooner rather than later.

Student safety and well-being are the foremost concerns of BenU. From pre-departure orientation to on-site orientation and continuing throughout the program, BenU and its host institutions provide guidance on maintaining personal safety while overseas. 

Culture/Culture Shock

"Culture shock is a kind of homesickness that results from the stress of living in a new culture when everything is        different: the language, food, and customs."

There are five stages your student may go through: honeymoon, cultural shock, initial adjustment, mental isolation, and acceptance & integration. To help cope with culture shock, encourage your child to talk with people about what they are feeling and experiencing, have them write it out, be active, practice tolerance and open-mindedness.

In addition, encourage your student to do some reach about the country's culture. That way they will have an idea about the country.