Study Abroad

Off-Campus Policies

Students can have many concerns regarding their spot at Benedictine University while they are studying abroad.  This page will assist you with any Benedictine benefits you have and maintaining them while you are abroad.

Financial Aid
The International Programs and Services office submits your name and programs fees to the Financial Aid office after you have been admitted to the program. Financial Aid reviews student allocations and awards some small travel grants to students with financial need. If you are interested in these grants, or wish to change your financial aid allocation, you may contact the financial aid office to find out more information.

Study abroad students who utilize the Partnership Exchange Programs will automatically use any financial aid received since the tuition fees are charged through Benedictine University.  Students who participate on any non-partner program will need to complete the Benedictine Leave of Absence process to hold onto their financial aid.  Also, you still need to complete the FAFSA while you are abroad, visit the department of Financial Aid's website for more details.


Housing at BenU

In order to reserve on-campus housing at Benedictine while you are studying abroad you need to contact Residence Life's Assistant Director, Karl Constant ( you can also visit their website. If you are abroad during fall and/or winter terms, Residence Life will reserve a room for you (although it may not be the same room or roommates you previously had) as long as you leave your security deposit with them. If you cancel your housing contract and request that your security deposit be returned, you will not have space saved for your next term. 


Registering for Courses the Term After your Study Abroad Program

This is a rather complicated procedure. Before departure, you must discuss with your academic advisor what courses you should take during the semester after your return to the U.S. While, in most cases, the course schedules have not been published yet, your advisor should have an idea of what courses will be offered in your department, and should also be able to give you an idea of what types of courses you should take next semester.

A notice will be sent form the International Programs and Services Office when schedules are published. Decide what courses you want to take and work with your academic adviser to enroll in classes.  You can access MyBenU via BenUConnect here. No confirmation of courses will be sent to you abroad.

Commencement Registration

Whether you are studying abroad during the fall, spring, or the entire academic year, if you are planning to graduate the May or December after your study abroad program you should complete the graduation application.  You can visit BenU's commencement website to learn more about the process.