International Student and Scholar Forms

Academic Forms

Change of Academic Major/Program: This form will request a change to your academic major or program. It is due to your International student adviser at least 30 days before starting your new major/program.  

Leave of Absence Request Form: This form will allow you adjust your SEVIS record while taking a leave of absence.  Students must also request a leave of absence from their academic program by visiting here. This form is due to your international student adviser 30 days prior to leaving the U.S.

Program Extension Form: This form will allow you to request additional time to your program as a result Academic or Medical reasons. This form is due to your international student adviser 1-2 months before your current program end date.

Reduced Course Load Request Form: This form is for students who cannot meet the full time course load requirement for medical, academic, or cultural reasons.  Please make an appointment with your international student adviser to discuss this form.

Term Check-In Form and Vacation Request Form: This form is required for all students to complete each term.  This must be submitted by the Friday of the first week of classes. It must include a copy of your course schedule.   

Employment Form

Request for Employment Authorization Form:  This form for all students who wish to obtain off-campus work authorization. This includes F-1 students applying for OPT or STEM OPT and J-1 students who are applying for academic training. Please make an appointment with your international student adviser at least 3-4 months prior to your desired work start date. Students requesting a STEM OPT 24 Month Extension should also use this form.

Academic Advisor Verification Form for CPT:  This form is used for students who would like to participate in an internship or off-campus training that is related to their program of study but is unable to enroll in an internship course.  Students are required to include an offer letter and/or job description when applying. Please speak with your International Student Advisor or e-mail to verify if this form is appropriate for your situation.

STEM Check-In Form: Students who have been approved for a STEM OPT 24 Month Extension are required to check-in with IPS every six months from the start date on the STEM EAD card. Please complete this form and e-mail it to