Academic Training for J-1 Students

Academic Training

  • Occurs after a J-1 student has finished their program.
  • Academic Training must be added to the DS-2019 before employment starts.
  • A job offer is required to apply for Academic Training.
  • Your home institution must approve Academic Training and extension of stay.
  • The period of Academic Training may not exceed 18 months or the amount of time spent in the academic program, whichever is less.
  • Post completion Academic Training - Must apply before you complete your program and must have a job offer within 30 days of completion of studies.

Illegal Employment

DO NOT WORK WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. This will result in a DS-2019 termination, which is an action that we cannot fix for you. You will lose your current status in the United States and will probably have difficulty returning anytime in the future.

Volunteering vs. Illegal Employment

  • Volunteer work in the United States includes things like delivery food to the needy, helping put information in envelopes, volunteering for service projects to help the elderly or children, etc. Volunteer work is when an organization specifically requests volunteers.
  • Volunteer work is not someone doing work that someone else would be paid for, yet not being paid. Not only is it illegal employment, but it is also against U.S
  • labor laws and the organization/company would be at risk for letting this happen.
  • If a person you are "volunteering" with is being paid and you aren't, and you are doing the same job, then it is illegal employment
  • If you suspect your arrangement may not be legal and want to check, please contact your international student adviser BEFORE you start.