International Students & Scholars
International Students & Scholars

Frequently Asked Questions for F1 and J1 international students during the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis. 

International Programs and Services is proud to provide services to international students and scholars from a variety of countries including, but not limited to: Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, India, Libya, Mexico, Spain, Tanzania and Vietnam. IPS provides immigration advising services for students, but can also provide students and scholars general assistance in navigating American higher education culture. International students have numerous reporting requirements, and we encourage you to navigate the information on the side for important forms and information. For questions or concerns, please contact

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International Student Registration Deadlines

International students studying under an F or J visa must be registered for each academic term. For undergraduate, graduate semester and students in the intensive English Program (IEP) this process occurs each semester. For graduate students pursuing a degree on the quarter system this occurs each quarter. Some students have the misconception that International Programs and Services (IPS) must only register you in SEVIS when you arrive for your first term, but immigration regulations require that students are registered each term.

All international students are required to be registered within 30 days of the term start.

Students who are not registered will be in violation of their status.

All international students MUST complete the Health Form


  In order to be registered in SEVIS international students must:

1.)    Submit a term check-in-form EACH TERM. This can be found here: and this must be submitted by the Friday of the first week of classes.  Please don't forget to upload in a copy of your course schedule.   

2.)    Students taking a vacation term can submit the same form completing the "Vacation Term Declaration" section. It is recommended you submit a copy of your transcripts so we can confirm you are eligible for a vacation term.

3.)    If you are requesting IPS authorize a reduced course-load in SEVIS please submit this form: in addition to the term check-in form.


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