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First Sunday Tea & Talk Logo

The First Sunday Tea & Talk Art Lecture Series features
noted lecturers on timely art related topics.
All lectures are held on the fifth floor of the Kindlon Hall of Learning 
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
These events are open to the public, admission is free and refreshments are served.

Art & Religion Curator Lecture Series

This lecture series draws from the Benedictine University  Permanent Art Collection

and focuses on religious art work that is a part of that collection.

Teresa J. Parker, Curator, Komechak Art Gallery is the lecturer for this series.
This event is a brown bag event.
You bring your lunch, we provide the drinks!

"Gates of the City"  -  John Taylor Arms  -  Recently Auctioned at Christie's



 Irving Amen   -   "Woman with Menorah"
Kindlon Hall    -   Second Floor

Benedictine University Permanent Collection


Directions to the Komechak Art Gallery

Enter the Benedictine campus at the Main Entrance.
Turn Left and park in the south parking lot of the Kindlon Hall of Learning
or Park in the Parking Garage.
Enter Kindlon Hall via the south enterance and proceed pass the Artium Area.
Turn left and follow the red signs to the elevator and proceed to the fifth floor.

Visit Benedictine University and take 

The Art Walking Tour at Goodwin Hall of Business

The Art Walking Tour is located on the Second, Third and Fourth Floors
of Goodwin Hall of Business on the Main Campus in Lisle, IL
Pick-up a brochure for this self guided tour from any of the tour boxes
located by the Goodwin Auditorium Doors on the first floor
or you can findbrochures conveniently located
on floors 2, 3 and 4 to your right on the wall as you exit the elevators.


2019 Exhibition Schedule

May 5 - May 18, 2019

2019 BenU Senior Art Exhibition



Kaitlyn Caravello

Austin Gascoigne

Antonio E. Hernandez

Megan Kamath

Rebecca McDonough

Megan Roy-Chowdhury


April 15 - 30, 2019

BenU Juried Student Art 

Thank You to the 41 students enrolled in the Benedictine University Communications Arts, Fine Arts and Graphic Arts Programs for the 2018-2019 Academic Year who were accepted and participated in the 2019 Juried Competition!

Juried Awards

            Rebecca McDonough  Best of Show

            Emma Redfern             Best Fine Art

            Kaitlyn Estopare          Best Graphic Art

            Ries McCue                   Best 3-D

            Katie Farb                      Best Calligraphy

            Brieann Cruz                 Honorable Mention

            Jasmine Lin                   Honorable Mention

            Tyrese Ray                    Honorable Mention

            Ariel Peacey                 People's Choice


Exhibiting Participants

Anna Nothnagel

Anna Silva

Anthony Senerchia

Antonio E. Hernandez

Artemas Ray

Asia Robinette

Brian Burak

Caroline O'Connor

Chris Koranda

Faisal Khan

Gabrielle Dlabal

Hannah Cowling

James Brown

Joseph Trezek

Kaaliyah Barnes

Lexi Trippiedi

Marco Corona-Duran

Mary Gerovac

Megan Kamatz

Mya Feustel

Nate Frank

Nia Young

Nida Ali

Paige Manso

Sarah Miller

Sasna Ayyad

Simren Singh

Stephanie Slagle

Syeda Saberi

Teciana Garay

Uzma Syed

Yasmeen Kazkaz

Zijun Jian

Zuzanna Rozlucka

June 1 - 30, 2019

Fr. Joseph M. Kelchak Collection


About the 

Fr. Michael E. Komechak, OSB

Art Gallery


  Mission Statement

  The Fr. Michael E. Komechak, O.S.B. Art Gallery

  is dedicated to the stewardship of the vision of

  Fr. Michael Komechak for the preservation of and

  expansion of the Benedictine University Art Collection

  and is committed to being a hub facility for expansion

  of the arts at our institution and in our community at large.


  Vision Statement

  To develop a local and international reputation for expanding

  the view of art and culture, on our various campuses,

  in the local communities in which we exist, and throughout

  the Midwest, Southwest and Eastern Asia regions.


  This vision will be achieved by developing cohesive partnerships

  and by creating an atmosphere conducive to learning, creative

  articulation and critical thinking by providing educational,

  pedagogical and community opportunities through exposure to

  the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and educational

  outreach programs.






Komechak Art Gallery Hours
Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturdays:                 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sundays: Closed

Office of the Curator of Exhibitions and University Art Collections

Teresa J. Parker


Cathy Gaddis

Phone: (630) 829-1873

Teresa J. Parker
Phone: (630) 829-6270