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The Komechak Art Gallery
2020 - 2021 Virtual Exhibition Season

Due to Covid-19 The Komechak Art Gallery is Closed Until Further Notice
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Benedictine University Art Faculty Biennial

August 24 through October 4, 2020
This exhibition highlights the work of the Department of Art faculty at Benedictine University.
Media include: book arts, ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and graphic art.
2020 Exhibiting Faculty
William Scarlato, Hairi Han, Teresa J. Parker, David Marcet
Jennifer Scavone, Vincent Lucarelli, Jimmy Bulosan, Mary Zabrin
William Scarlato: "The Wash House, Airbnb, Littlebourne, Kent, England"  -  Oil on Wood Panel

"Birds of Longing: Exile and Memory"

Laurie Wohl, fabric artist
October 5, 2020 through January 18, 2021


"Social Avenger"

Aaron Coleman, printmaker
January 19 through February 28, 2021



"The Bible + Code II

Yeohyun Ahn, graphic designer
March 1 through May 2, 2021


Benedictine University Annual Student Art Exhibition

Juried Competition
May 3 through May 31, 2021

Annual Benedictine University

Senior Art Exhibition

May 3 - May 31, 2021



Past Virtual Exhibitions

"Cosmic Blueprint: Archetypes in Contemporary Art"
Jennifer Hereth, Guest Curator


"Cosmic Blueprint: Archetypes in Contemporary Art" is an exhibition and
collaboration with the Illinois Poet Society, Poets and Patrons of Chicago,
artists from across the hemisphere, and the College of DuPage,
that was exhibited at the Komechak Art Gallery at Benedictine Univerity.
Over 50 archetypes were exhibited, along with a writing by a poet.
The Illinois Poet Society and Poets and Patrons of Chicago
were given copies of the artworks and artist statements to develop poems for each work.
"Cosmic Blueprint: Archetypes in Contempoary Art" 
was guest curated by Jennifer Hereth, Professor Emerita, the College of DuPage
and she is the inventor of “The Teenage Archetype Carddeck,”
a threaputic tool used across the globe.

About the Teenage Archetype Carddeck

The Teenage Archetype Card Deck is designed to evoke conversation

and interpretation in a classroom or therapeutic setting with

archetype posters encouraging archetypal identification.


The deck came into existence after a tragic shooting by a 20 year old.

Hereth's reaction to the limited vocabulary expressed in

the shooter's last texts messages, "loser, burden and famous"

inspired her and her 100 art students to create and illustrate the deck; 

100% of the profits going to support teen causes.


Links and Contact Information for Jennifer Hereth


Artist Website: www.jenniferhereth.com
Contact email: jennyhereth@gmail.com
Purchase Teenage Archetype Card Deck: 

All purchases go to the Bessie Coleman Aviation School for Girls

BenU Student Art Virtual Exhibition 2020
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic:
The 2019-2020 Juried Student Art Exhibition
was replaced with an Online Virtual Art Exhibition.




One of the goals of higher education should always be to prepare

our students for the future and how to navigate strange and difficult times.

The foundation of that instruction should be built on flexibility.


We are proud of what our students have been able to accomplish in the face of adversity.

We are proud of what our students have been able to achieve in the face of hardship.

We are proud of how our students have faced these challenges and are persevering.

We proud to be able to show the artist how to succeed using creativity and imagination.



2020 - 2021
Virtual Art Lecture Series

Due to Covid-19 All Lecture Programs
Will Be Presented In A Video Format.
Click on the Title of the Lecture to Listen & Learn!

First Sunday Tea & Talk 

Sunday, October 4, 2020
Exhibiting Artist: Laurie Wohl
Join us online as, Laurie Wohl,
internationally known fiber artist
whose unique Unweaving®
convey spiritual narratives
through form, color, texture and calligraphy,
has made available to the Komechak
her online lecture from the University of Arizona
for a rebroadcast on our website.
The catalyst for her work,
"Birds of Longing: Exile and Memory"
was the shocking events of September 11, 2001

Art & Religion 

Curator Lecture Series

Monday, October 19, 2020
"The Book of Kells:
Celtic Manuscript Illumination”
Teresa Parker, Curator     
Terea J. Parker, Curator, Komechak Art Gallery
will present a lecture on the Celtic
manuscript Illumination created in a Columban monastery in either Britain or Ireland.
The illustrations and ornamentation
of the Book of Kells surpass that of
other Insular Gospel books
in extravagance and complexity. 
You will enjoy learning about,
the history, the love and the process
that went into these beautiful works of art. 

First Sunday Tea & Talk

Sunday, November 01, 2020  

Walter S. Arnold: Stonecarver


Internationally known, stone sculptor,
Walter S. Arnold is an acclaimed artist
who creates a full range of
stone sculpture and marble carvings.
He began sculpting stone at the age of
twelve in his hometown of Chicago, IL.
He trained as an apprentice in
marble carving studios in Italy 
and then he worked for five years on the
Washington National Cathedral in D.C.
Arnold is most known for his gargoyles and
he is fluent in styles ranging from
Classical and Renaissance to Gothic,
Baroque and Arts & Crafts.

First Sunday Tea & Talk

Sunday, January 3, 2021
"Social Avenger"
Aaron Coleman, printmaker

Aaron Coleman's work once found
its origin in current events concerning
the sociopolitical issues of discrimination,
civil rights and the misuse of mainstream religion.
More recently, his work has evolved into
a blanket description of the
apocalyptic world in which we live.
Police brutality, racial discrimination, 
religious extremism, persecution of
the LGBT communities, economic unrest,
global warming, species extinction, habitat loss, 
holy wars, power trips and ego mania
are the extremes that his work addresses. 

First Sunday Tea & Talk

Sunday, February 07, 2021
“Romantic Tryst of Rodin and Claudel”
Teresa J. Parker, Curator


While Rodin recognized the young woman’s
talent from the outset, he also fell in love
with her almost immediately.
The two sculptors’ complicated love story has
inspired many overly romanticized interpretations.
What the letters they exchanged attest to,
however, is the passion Rodin felt early on in
their relationship and the reserve shown by
the woman he soon called “Mademoiselle Say”
(for “Mademoiselle C.”), as well as her
financial difficulties, flirtatiousness and
painful obsession with her work as a sculptress.

First Sunday Tea & Talk

Sunday, March 07, 2021
"The Bible + CODE II”
Yeohyun Ahn, graphic designer


Having immigrated America, over the last two decades, as a designer in the USA,
Yeohyun Ahn, brings to us her awareness of
social inequity, discrimination, and marginality.
Currently, she explores computational
graphic art for social homelessness
being isolated and marginal in professional
areas of American society. 
An award-winning typographer, interactive
visual designer, and educator,
her works have been featured through
Washington Post, PRINT, New York Times Magazine, Letter Arts Review,
Creator’s Project, and Designboom.com.
She was chosen as Design Incubation Fellow
in 2017, the Juror's Choice Award
at IDEAS in 2015, and Graduate
Fellowship from Maryland Institute
College of Art in 2009.
She has taught at the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago, Chicago State University, 
and Valparaiso University. Currently, she is an
assistant professor in the Art Department at
the University of Wisconsin Madison. 

Art & Religion

Curator Lecture Series

Monday, March 15, 2021
“Tres Riches Heures: Gothic Manuscript Illumination”
Teresa Parker, curator    

Terea J. Parker, Curator, Komechak Art Gallery
will present a lecture on the Tres Riches Heures,
an illuminated Gothic manuscript which is
considered the most famous and
possibly the best surviving example
of manuscript illumination in the l
ate phase of the International Gothic style.
It is a book of hours: a collection of prayers
to be said at the canonical hours. 

William and Susan Sonntag

Distinguished Scholar Lecture
Sunday, April 04, 2021



Virtual Exhibition Archive

"Cosmic Blueprint:
Archetypes in Contemporary Art"
Student Art Virtual Exhibition
2020 Annual Student Art Exhibition.

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