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"Use of Self in Changing and Leading"

featuring David W. Jamieson, Ph.D.


The event was a huge success. Thank you to all who attended! 
We are busy planning next year's event.


"Use of Self in Changing and Leading"

Use of Self in Leading and Changing“Use of self is the conscious use of one’s whole being in the intentional execution of one’s roles for effectiveness in whatever the current situation is presenting.” (Jamieson, Auron and Shechtman, 2010). Aspects of Use of Self have been used and taught across OD, clinical roles, teaching, and nursing for decades, yet we continue to experience many issues with leadership, change results, and organizational/societal ethics.

How we handle our ‘selves’ in the execution of our helping, high-impact roles is the critical element in our performance and outcomes. Each person is a complex of personality factors, identities, values, skills, capabilities; and biases, vulnerabilities, and emotions. We all can understand our selves better, which provides us with improved self- and emotional-management, behavioral choices, and desired impacts on others we intend in our roles.

Dave will share the results of the first and only global research on this topic along with his years of creating and integrating the conceptual foundations of this human function and designing and teaching others how to build their pathways to their Best Selves. The conceptual elements and phases of development combined with experiential learning activities have proven valuable for many in improving who they are and how they impact their worlds.

David Jamieson is President of the Jamieson Consulting Group, Inc. He is also an Executive Fellow, and Retired Professor, Organization Development & Change at the University of St. Thomas, and a Distinguished Visiting Scholar in 4 other graduate OD programs. He has over 50 years of experience consulting to organizations on leadership, change, strategy, design, and human resource issues. He received his Ph.D. in Management from UCLA, majoring in Organization Design & Development and a BS in Business Administration from Drexel University, with a Behavioral Science minor.

He is a Past National President of the American Society for Training and Development (now ATD) and Past Chair of the Management Consultation Division and Practice Theme Committee of the Academy of Management (AOM). He has been honored with The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Organization Development Network (ODN), Distinguished Scholar-Practitioner Career Achievement Award from AOM, Distinguished OD Educator from the OD & Change Division of the AOM, Sharing OD Knowledge Award from the ODN, and a past-Chair of the Organization Development Education Association.

Dave is co-author or author of 8 books, with the most recent one, Enacting Values-Based Change: Organization Development in Action (2018); 17 chapters and dozens of articles in journals and newsletters. His current writing includes an update to an older article called “What Makes OD, OD?”, a new practitioner book on Use of Self and a new book on Strategic Organization Design.

David JamiesonHe is Editor, OD Review and Assoc. Editor, Journal of Management Inquiry and serves on the editorial review boards for Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences and Journal of Organization Change Management.

Dr. Jamieson has always been dedicated to the scholar practitioner role and focused on advancing our understanding of organizations, change, and masterful consultation. He divides his time among consulting in organization change, educating leaders and practitioners of change, and writing to bridge knowledge and practice.

The 2021 event was a success. 2022 Lecture Series information to be determined.

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