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Gillette Hall, Benedictine Mesa Campus

Join us for an in-person event to discover the opportunities that await you at Benedictine Mesa.

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We are offering 60-minute appointments on each day so you can meet current students, talk with professors, and learn about your financial aid options.

There is no charge to attend; however, pre-registration is required. Appointment times are available in very 30 minutes during. Book your "flight" today to get your first choice!

What is Fly through BenU Mesa?

The event is an on-campus visitation for you and your family to connect with BenU Mesa students, faculty and staff. During your scheduled 60-minute appointment, you will have a focused schedule to learn more about Benedictine Mesa and to get your questions answered.

I have already been accepted to the University. Should I attend?

Absolutely! You can meet with your admissions counselor to discuss next steps in the enrollment process including registration and advisement. 

I'm undecided and I haven't applied to Benedictine Mesa. Is this event for me?

Yes! Fly through BenU Mesa is your opportunity to get an overview of the educational experience we offer. Come and learn how affordable a high quality Benedictine education can be.

If you haven't applied for admission, complete your online application today!

Why BenU Mesa?

Benedictine Mesa offers high-impact undergraduate programs to prepare you for the real world. Close guidance, small class sizes, and a community that embraces students from all walks of life are key aspects of our educational experience.

You'll benefit from hands-on learning from expert faculty and comprehensive career services including career preparation, internships, entrepreneurship opportunities, to name a few. 


If you have question about our events, please contact us by email at, or call (602) 888-5500.

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