Our goal at BenU Mesa is to advance our students effectiveness in their academic career while preparing them for post-educational success in life. The Student Services department engages students by providing support for academic work as well as co-curricular and professional goals. In coordination with the academic departments, student services include:

• Accommodation Services
• Academic Support
• Health Services
• Leadership Development
• Supplemental Education and Service Learning 
• Career Development

Accommodation Services

Benedictine University is dedicated to creating an accessible environment through reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities.

Students with a disability are encouraged to seek assistance with the Student Services department. Special accommodation services are available for students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis and provided that documentation from a properly licensed clinician supports the accommodation. Students eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973), whose disability interferes with a major life activity, are urged to self-identify so that the process for receiving assistance can begin as soon as possible.

Academic Support

In coordination with academic departments, Student Services provides a variety of academic support for all student groups. These services are free of charge to all students.


Student Services offers tutoring sessions for a variety of classes that are held each semester. These sessions help students clarify difficult concepts and prepare for quizzes and exams. They are led by instructional assistants who have been identified by faculty members as individuals who possess both content knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge to fellow students. The availability of and times of tutoring sessions vary by semester.

Study Skills

Student Services assists students with the development of general study skills to improve performance and reduce the stress associated with college study. This can be arranged through an individual appointment, or students can take advantage of study skills workshops conducted each semester.

Early Warning Notice System

The Early Warning Notice (EWN) system allows students to receive formal notice of attendance or performance issues that may impact their grade in a particular course. Notice is sent to the student's University email account and the student's advisor. Student Services provides tutoring information to students who receive EWNs in classes supported by tutoring services.

Health Services

Required Immunizations/Vaccines

The Measles vaccine (MMR) is the only required vaccination at Benedictine. Before a student can register for their second term, they are required to document that they've had two measles vaccinations (one of which must be dated after 1979), or a lab test showing proof of immunity to the measles (rubeola).

Students must submit proof of MMR Immunization before they can register for their second term of classes.  A Student will see a "MMR Immunization Hold" on their MyBenU account until the measles information is received and verified.

Local Out-patient Care

Adelante Healthcare in Mesa offers everything a student needs to get healthy - and stay that way all under one roof! One easy step takes care of family internal medicine, pediatrics, women's health with ob/gyn care, dental and an in-house lab and pharmacy. The Office of Student Life continues to work with local medical services to better understand student health needs as our population expands in the Downtown Mesa Campus Corridor. You can find more information about Adelante here.

Local Emergency Services

Banner Desert Medical Center(BDMC) is most closely located to our campus and offers a full spectrum of health services.

Health Insurance Coverage

Students are encouraged to carry health insurance through a Parent or Guardian.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program Information and Resources

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