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What is the Benedictine difference?

Benedictines are Catholics who follow certain rules. These rules guide us on our journey for truth. We adhere to the idea that faith and reason are inseparable in the search for truth. We believe that the continued pursuit of understanding leads ultimately to wisdom.

We don’t believe in teaching our students what to think. We believe in teaching our students how to think. We also believe that an education steeped in Benedictine and Catholic values better prepares students to be contributors and difference-makers in their homes, their communities and the world. We are Catholic. We are Benedictine. We are one.

We are Catholic. All are welcome.

Benedictine University at Mesa is driven by the values and beliefs espoused by our founders – men and women who embraced tenets established by St. Benedict more than 1,500 years ago. Among those values are a search for God by oneself and others, a tradition of hospitality, an appreciation for living and working in community, a concern for the development of each person, an emphasis on a life lived in balance, a dedication to responsible stewardship of the earth and a commitment to academic excellence. By embracing our Catholic faith and living the Benedictine values, Benedictine stays true to its Catholic identity.

A life of service.

Benedictine University at Mesa provides opportunities for students to turn faith into action. Through service projects, students put values in action and learn how their ideas and energy can positively translate into a real and necessary impact on their community. The Center for Mission and Identity at Benedictine University at Mesa and Campus Ministry support this commitment through workshops, lectures and mission trips. Through activities like these, students learn how the Benedictine values of living in community and concern for each person are woven into the fabric of their collegiate experience.

A Catholic University in the Benedictine Tradition, founded in 1887. Learn more about our values and rich heritage.

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