Through Cooperative Education, Benedictine is blending the resources of the academic world and the business community to create students who are truly prepared for life.

Academic Achievement—Professional & Career Development

Educational Philosophy

The philosophy of education that guides Cooperative Education at Benedictine University is built on the Ten Benedictine Hallmarks.

These hallmarks distinguish us from other institutions, and make attending Benedictine University truly special.

The Ten Hallmarks of Benedictine University:

  • "Prayer" can be manifested participation in worship with others or through meditation and mindfulness. However, "prayer" is not limited by religious affiliation.
  • "Obedience" comes from the Latin root "audire," which means "to listen." It is essential that all members of the Benedictine community find time to listen to God, to listen to oneself, to listen to others, and especially to listen to those in need.
  • "Stability" is the commitment to the daily life of the place in which we live.
  • "Discipline" is respect for others and the structure of community which make learning and freedom possible.
  • "Stewardship" is the respect for the beauty and goodness of creation.
  • "Humility" grows from an appreciation of living and working in a community that stresses the need for accountability for one’s actions. That appreciation and accountability require "humility," through which honest interaction between people is possible.
  • "Community" includes living with others in the search for the common good and respect for the individual.
  • "Hospitality" is the way in which we open our arms and hearts to God by welcoming the stranger. Through "hospitality," we become closer to God and ultimately to truth.
  • "Conversatio" is the process through which we are formed and transformed.
  • "Love" as charged by Christ: "Love God above all and love thy neighbor as thyself" reflects the Catholic tradition which emphasizes the worth and dignity of each person. Only by recognizing the solidarity of the human race and the social nature of human existence, the goodness of creation and its potential for explaining the transcendent, and through "love" for ourselves and others can we understand the connectedness of faith and reason in the search for truth.
Cooperative Education Application
Faculty Recomendation Form
Student Handbook
Entrance Requirements
  1. Full-time Benedictine University at Mesa student
  2. Junior standing
  3. 3.0 GPA or greater.
  4. Faculty recommendation
  5. Able to work up to 20 hours per week.
  6. Completed Cooperative Education application.
  7. Involvement in extracurricular activities on-campus is highly encouraged.

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