Why study Communication Arts at Benedictine?

The Communication Arts program at Benedictine University Mesa offers students the skills necessary to attain a job after graduation. Students will be provided with an environment to immediately begin gaining hands-on experience in photography, videography, television production, marketing and more while maintaining the university’s values-based mission. The career possibilities are endless with a Communication Arts degree and between the internship and portfolio opportunities provided at BenU Mesa, students are able to clearly demonstrate their worth to future employers.

Ana Jimenez, '20

"I have learned so much more than just how to edit video. The Communication majors are a close, tight-knit community that not only work with each other on class projects, but also have something in common outside of the classroom as well: pride for our work. Our faculty have gone above and beyond to help us achieve our goals and keep our passion for creativity alive. Ultimately, it was my experience working as an intern in the Marketing and Communications department on campus that made it clear to me that I want to attend grad school to work in public relations and marketing. I am extremely happy that I chose Benedictine University Mesa!”

Hands-On Learning

Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience starting as early as their freshman year. Whether it be creating a public service announcement for TV production, publishing and editing a poster or brochure in layout and design or producing a press release in public relations writing, students can immediately begin building a robust portfolio.

Internships and Senior Portfolio

All senior students are required to complete a portfolio that includes all projects, publications, designs and video materials created throughout your four years at Benedictine. The portfolio, combined with the limitless internship opportunities available in Downtown Mesa, puts our students one step ahead of the competition.

Sports Communication Concentration

Students who are interested in media communications or have a passion for sports can choose our unique Sports Communication concentration within the Communication Arts program. Sports journalism, sports broadcasting and sports culture are a few of the classes that satisfy the requirements for this concentration.

Sample Courses

•  COMM 3207: Editing for Publication
•  COMM 2208: Layout/Design for Publication
•  COMM 2255: TV Production
•  COMM 3304: Media in the Environment
•  COMM 3385: Television and Society
•  COMM 4393: Senior Portfolio

Benedictine is in CO+HOOTS

The CO+HOOTS Institute for Entrepreneurship at Benedictine will begin in the Fall of 2020 and offer BenU Mesa students a safe environment to learn and launch a potential business under the guidance of practicing, experienced, and successful entrepreneurs. The four-year intensive immersion program will develop and support the growth of our students’ innovative and creative ideas.  Applications are now being accepted!

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