Why study Health Science at BenU Mesa?

If you are interested in a health-related career and want a challenging yet flexible academic preparation, you may choose to major in Health Science at Benedictine University Mesa. Our program offers you the opportunity to design your curriculum with more freedom and flexibility than is the case with most majors. It prepares you for further study toward careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical or occupational therapy, podiatry, veterinary medicine and other health-related professions. At Benedictine Mesa, students will excel in a small classroom environment with faculty and staff who are experts in their fields.

"The people I am surrounded by at BenU Mesa are incredible! I have not only made life-long friendships, but I have been able to grow in my faith and my academics. All of the faculty are extremely eager in wanting to help me achieve my lifelong dream of being an athletic trainer and helping student-athletes achieve great athletic success. The Health Science classes are so interesting, and the faculty make learning easy. I love that I am able to have close relationships with my professors. I know that I can approach them about any concerns I’m having with my classes.” - NICOLE SLADE, '21


New Virtual Anatomy Lab

Human Anatomy can be one of the most challenging courses for students pursuing a healthcare career. Visible Body courseware and apps are currently being used by over 1,000 institutions worldwide, including Benedictine University Mesa. Our Human Anatomy course utilizes this software to give students anatomy at their fingertips with 24-hour access to visual databases with thousands of models to rotate, zoom, and dissect, as well as anatomy and physiology animations that quickly communicate complex biology.

Future Medical Leaders Health Scholarship

The Health Science program at BenU Mesa is the fastest growing program on campus. That’s why Benedictine now offers incoming Health Science majors the opportunity to earn the Future Medical Leaders Health Scholarship worth $12,000. Students must have a 3.0 grade point average or above, have scored a 24 on the ACT or 1160 on the SAT, and provide a written essay. 

Sample Courses

•  MATH 1111: College Trigonometry 
•  CHEM 2243: Organic Chemistry/Lab
•  BIOL 3203: Human Anatomy
•  BIOL 2229: Biostatistics
•  BIOL 3258: Human Physiology
•  BIOL 2250: Genetics

Benedictine is in CO+HOOTS

The CO+HOOTS Institute for Entrepreneurship at Benedictine will begin in the Fall of 2020 and offer BenU Mesa students a safe environment to learn and launch a potential business under the guidance of practicing, experienced, and successful entrepreneurs. The four-year intensive immersion program will develop and support the growth of our students’ innovative and creative ideas.  Learn more and apply at www.ben.edu/mesa/cohoots

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