Why study Political Science at BenU Mesa?

Politics is the art of the possible, and students who major in Political Science at Benedictine learn about the world around them and how to make that world a better place. They develop a knowledge of the principles of politics, law, government and the judicial system. When you choose to major in political science at BenU Mesa, you will develop the ability to successfully complete extensive writing and research projects useful in your future career, have opportunities for practical work experience through internship programs, and engage in small classes taught by professors using a wide range of approaches including information technology, film and student problem-solving. Students will also work with faculty who have extensive backgrounds in different political science fields. 


Career Readiness Through Internships

The faculty and staff at BenU Mesa have strong relationships and partnerships with many companies and businesses in the surrounding Phoenix area that have provided our students with amazing internship opportunities. Students have interned at the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, the Mesa Police Department, American Civil Liberties Union and Mesa United Way.

Careers in Political Science

Benedictine students have gone on to have successful careers in political science related fields including: immigrant rights officer, legislative assistant, social media manager, attorney, political assistant and more. Our students have also been accepted into law and graduate school.

Sample Courses

•  PLSC 1102: American Government
•  PLSC 4299: Research Methods
•  ECON 2101: Macroeconomics
•  PLSC 2210: Intro to International Relations
•  PLSC 2201: State and Local Governments
•  PLSC 2105: Law and Politics 

Benedictine is in CO+HOOTS

The CO+HOOTS Institute for Entrepreneurship at Benedictine will begin in the Fall of 2020 and offer BenU Mesa students a safe environment to learn and launch a potential business under the guidance of practicing, experienced, and successful entrepreneurs. The four-year intensive immersion program will develop and support the growth of our students’ innovative and creative ideas. Learn more and apply at www.ben.edu/mesa/cohoots

"The education that Benedictine provides has helped me grow not only professionally but also as an individual. Everything I did in the classroom was a stepping stone for the work I do now: the development of my communication skills, writing skills, and language skills, both in Spanish and English. My professors were always encouraging of my work, and not only in the classroom. I feel that the recommendations they gave me carried a heavy weight in all of the opportunities I was afforded, including my internship with then Congresswoman, Krysten Sinema. Attending Benedictine was by far the best choice I’ve ever made.”  - ALVARO GONZALEZ, '19

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