Why Study Sociology at BenU Mesa?

The Sociology Program prepares one for a lifetime of change by developing one’s appreciation of diversity, love of learning, writing and study skills, and knowledge base about human behavior, social organization, culture, and social change. If you are the type of person who does not necessarily follow the crowds (but are fascinated by their behavior), the type who is truly interested in what is going on in the world, then sociology should interest you. A degree in sociology is an excellent springboard for entering the world of business, industry, and organizations. Career opportunities for students completing the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Sociology include employment in local, state, and federal social and community service agencies, such as housing agencies, juvenile courts and juvenile and adult correctional institutions, urban and community planning agencies, mental health and drug counseling centers, youth guidance agencies, and community organizations.


Engaged Learning Experiences

At Benedictine University Mesa, you will receive a personalized education with intimate classroom settings and faculty who are experts in their field. A required internship gives our students a leg up on the competitors in the job market. 

Senior Thesis

Your educational career at Benedictine will be capped off with a senior thesis. Students will choose a thesis, research and present their topic. The senior thesis offers the rare opportunity to engage in a creative process that will challenge you to both gain and produce new knowledge.

Social Work Minor

Benedictine Mesa offers a Social Work minor, allowing students to gain hands-on experience with the requirement of an internship. 

Sample Courses

•  SOCL 1100: Principles of Sociology
•  SOCL 2290: Social and Cultural Change
•  SOCL 2265: Introduction to Social Work
•  SOCL 3306: Correctional System
•  CJUS: Crime and Delinquency
•  SOCL 2245: Alcohol Problems and Alcoholism

Benedictine is in CO+HOOTS

The CO+HOOTS Institute for Entrepreneurship at Benedictine will begin in the Fall of 2020 and offer BenU Mesa students a safe environment to learn and launch a potential business under the guidance of practicing, experienced, and successful entrepreneurs. The four-year intensive immersion program will develop and support the growth of our students’ innovative and creative ideas. Learn more and apply at

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