Undecided? No problem!

It is very common for students to be undecided on a career path after high school. College is the time for students to explore various interests and discover new opportunities. Benedictine University Mesa encourages students who are undecided to focus on their general education classes, which are required for all majors, and to speak closely with an advisor to help prepare their academic course offerings. Benedictine is located inDowntown Mesa, surrounded by culture, diversity, art, music, technology and thriving businesses. It’s the best place for a student to explore their options and learn more about themselves. 

Students can also minor in any of our majors, double major, or choose a major that has a specific concentration. 

"Many students start off their college career without a specific declared major, and many more will change their major at least once during their time in school. This is all acceptable, but what does it mean for you? If you’re not sure what you want to study, then spend your first year or so focusing on your general education requirements that build a foundation for upper division courses in every major, and explore what will be of most interest to you through completing a variety of core and elective courses, meeting with your academic advisor, connecting with career services, and attending workshops and events about different academic and professional paths.” - SHAY MASTERSON, Career Success Coordinator


Attend A Career Fair

Benedictine University Mesa offers its students the opportunity to atend two career fairs every academic year. Over 60 different organizations and companies are present to provide students with information, job opportunities and internship availabilities. Several BenU Mesa students have found jobs at the Career Fair. 

Sixteen Majors to Choose From

Benedictine Mesa offers 16 different majors to choose from, ranging from Graphic Arts and Design to Health Science. With our 12:1 faculty/student ratio, BenU Mesa students receive individualized attention and learn from faculty who are experts in their fields. 

Join A Club or Organization

With over 20 different clubs and organizations to join, BenU Mesa students will be able to quickly make friends and establish a sense of family the minute they walk through the doors. 

Sample Courses

•  WRIT 1101: Research Writing
•  COMM 1110: Speech Communication
•  MATH 1105: Finite Mathematics
•  IDS 3301: Human Dignity or The Common Good
•  SOCL 1101: Principles of Sociology
•  FNAR 1101: Fundamentals of Design

Benedictine is in CO+HOOTS

The CO+HOOTS Institute for Entrepreneurship at Benedictine will begin in the Fall of 2020 and offer BenU Mesa students a safe environment to learn and launch a potential business under the guidance of practicing, experienced, and successful entrepreneurs. The four-year intensive immersion program will develop and support the growth of our students’ innovative and creative ideas. Learn more and apply at www.ben.edu/mesa/cohoots

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