Masters of Tomorrow Scholarship Competition recap

March 6, 2018

Mesa, AZ ~ Benedictine University Mesa played host to the second annual Masters of Tomorrow Art Scholarship Competition on Saturday, Feb. 24; and the results were quite impressive. 

The MOT contest was designed to showcase artwork from high school and college students throughout Arizona, and reward them for their efforts. Eight awards were handed out in categories ranging from graphic design to fine art, including two awards for Mesa and Dobson high school for their students’ work in photography and ceramics, respectively.

Finalists for the awards, which included scholarships and cash prizes, also saw their work displayed into the permanent collection of the Benedictine University Art Museum. 

Below is the list of winners, along with quotes and pictures of their artwork.  

Oliver Dilly
First Place in Category of Fine Art
High School Division

My experience working with Benedictine University in the Masters of Tomorrow Exhibition was outstanding. My art teacher encouraged me to enter, and being my first competition, I figured I had nothing to lose by putting myself out there.  It is such an honor to receive this recognition, especially because this piece is very meaningful to me. Creating art has always been an important part of my life, so I think it is very admirable that Benedictine University supports aspiring young artists in following their passions. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and I am looking forward to using this experience to inspire my future creative growth.

Many thanks,

Oliver Dilly

Adella Helton
Second Place in the Category of Fine Art
Community College Division


Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Masters of Tomorrow Art Exhibition and Scholarship Competition.  My experience was enriching and memorable.
When my Professor shared the call for work with me, I was intrigued by the awards being offered.  Of course no one turns their nose up at a cash prize, so that is always highly appreciated, as creating art does not occur without a cost.
But more importantly, I firmly believe in supporting those that wish to pursue their creative passions and thus, was appreciative that Benedictine University would invest in their future students in such a manner.
Additionally, I feel that having one’s work selected for any organization’s permanent collection is a tremendous honor.  As an emerging artist, these opportunities are crucial in the development of turning my passion into my profession.
Receiving the second place award was a stepping stone towards achieving my goals, and I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege to work with Benedictine University.
Adella Helton

Madeleine Williamson
Award in Category of Graphic Design
High School Division

Hi! Thank you so much for the chance to participate in your exhibit!  I have never been in an art exhibit before and I thought it was really cool to see my own art hanging on the wall along with many others.  It's a great feeling to walk through an exhibit and see you own work.  I imagine it’s similar to how a music artist may feel when they hear one of their songs on the radio for the first time.  I felt very happy when I found out that I had also won an award.  I heard about this competition through my publications teacher at school and thought why not give it a shot.  I knew a lot of other people who were also in the contest so it was neat to see all of their work hanging up too.  This award is important to me because it is the first award I have ever received for anything I have done myself.  This award is also very special to me because it reminds me how important it is to just put yourself out there because you never know what might happen.

Madeleine Williamson

Felicia King
Award in Category of Fine Art
High School Division

Good morning!

My name is Felicia King and this past week I had the honor of becoming a recipient of a Masters of Tomorrow award.  I'd like to begin by apologizing for the tardiness of this email; it has been a hectic week.  Thank you for both your involvement in this project and, hopefully, your understanding.

Despite having lived in Mesa my whole life, prior to this show I had not had the privilege of coming to Benedictine University.  I heard of this competition through my AP Studio Art teacher, Brooke Foust, who encouraged all her students to take the chance of submitting. I decided to pursue this award because art is an often overlooked aspect of society. In a world that values intellect and charisma, creativity remains vitally important. 

As a high school artist, opportunities like the Masters of Tomorrow competition are beyond value.  While one can go through the motions of envisioning and creating art in any environment, the experience of competing with fellow artists is a selective occurrence hard to come by. Having never expected to actually win, my main joy lies in the process of making a piece worthy of showing. 

Thank you again,

Felicia King

Ezmeralda Sanchez
Honorable Mention in Category of Fine Art
High School Division

My experience with the Masters of Tomorrow expedition/competition was fun, I got to see other artist’s works and be inspired by them. I loved the fact that there were different categories of mediums that were able to participate.

I heard about Masters of Tomorrow through my drawing/painting teacher who encouraged all of his students to participate in it just for fun.

What made me persuade the award was just to see where I was, quality wise, and to know if I needed more experience on how to express the feelings from the art itself.

This award is important to me because it tells me that I'm good enough to get it but need a little more practice with making pieces that express something.

Overall, the expedition was a great experience and also a learning one. Thank you for having this event.

Ezmeralda Sanchez

Anthony Calderas
First Place in Category of Graphic Design
Community College Division

Dobson High School
Excellence in Ceramics

Mesa High School
Excellence in Photography


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