Registration for Fall 2020

Own Your Enrollment

You can add, drop, swap any course until the end of the add/drop period (one week after the term begins) in MyBenU.  

Before You Enroll

  •  Math Placement is required for every science and math course as well as some College of Business courses.  If you have not taken a math placement test and do not have a transferable math course that fulfills the prerequisite for the course you wish to take, take a math placement test first.  

Resources for Math Placement (click links below):

Register and Find Advice on Math Test Preparation.

Learn about the Format of the Math Placement and Proficiency Tests.

  • You may not earn credit for a course you already passed.  Note that courses were renumbered in 2019.  Ex. Do not enroll in THEO 1101 if you already passed THEO 101.
  • You may not earn credit for a course you already passed at another college.  Ex. Do not enroll in WRIT 1101 if you already passed an entry level composition course at another school.

Enrollment in 1, 2, 3

1) Gather Materials

  • Transcript Report in MyBenU.  It is in the reports section. 
  • Your checklist.  You can find the 2020-2021 checklist for your major on the degree program webpage.  Checklists can also be found on BenUConnect.  Alternatively, you view the catalog  description of your program requirements.

USE THE RIGHT CHECKLIST!  If you are a transfer student, you have fewer general education requirements to meet.  Make sure you use the right checklist.  

Transfer checklists are on the Transfer Resource page.


New freshman checklists are below.

New Freshman Major Checklists Minor Checklists
  • Freshman Accounting  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Criminal Justice  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Computer Science  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Communication Arts  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Communication Arts with Sports Concentration  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Entrepreneurship  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Fine Arts  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Graphic Art and Design  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Health Education and Promotion  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Health Science  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Management and Organizational Behavior  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Nutrition and Allied Health  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Political Science  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Psychology  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Sociology  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Spanish  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Spanish with Medical Concentration  PDF WORD
  • Freshman Theology  PDF WORD

Transfer Checklists are available on the Transfer Resource Page


2) SCHEDULE and attend an appointment with your advisor.  

Advisor Name Department(s) Scheduling Details

Dr. Rob Rebman

Accounting,  Entrepreneurship

Book an appointment to see Dr. Rebman.
Dr. Anthony Cella

Spanish, CJUS, PLSC

Book an appointment to see Dr. Cella.
Dr. Julie Cowgill CJUS, PLSC, SOCL Book an appointment to see Dr. Cowgill.
Dr. Maria Granic Undecided majors Book an appointment to see Dr. Granic.
Prof. Beth Siwek Management & Org. Behavior Book an appointment to see Prof. Siwek.
Dr. Ramon Luzarraga Theology Book an appointment to see Dr. Luzarraga.
Dr. Laurelann Porter Communications Book an appointment to see Dr. Porter.
Dr. Shannon Rauch


Book an appointment to see Dr. Rauch.

Prof. Beth Siwek Nutrition Book an appointment to see Dr. Siwek.
Prof. Michael Tole Fine Arts Book an appointment to see Prof. Tole.
Dr. Marc Brodie Mathematics
Dr. Alison Veltri Health Science Book an appointment to see Dr. Veltri.
Dr. Kolbe Scheetz Health Science

Book an appointment to see Dr Scheetz.

Dr. S. Diane Smith Computer Science

3) Schedule your courses.  

While you wait to meet with your advisor, do the following actions:

a) Fill out your checklist using your transcript report (and transfer credit report if you are a transfer student).   Determine what you have left to complete. 

b) Fill out the blank course planner sheet using the course schedule (the courses you search in MyBenU are the most up to date).  

c) Put them in your cart.  Here are printable, step-by-step instructions to add courses yourself in MyBenU.


Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Grading Option

During the spring of 2020, Benedictine University offered a Pass/Fail Option to students.

Please review the complete policy information here.

The Role of the Registrar

In addition to serving as an academic resource and a conduit of academic information for students and faculty, the registrar maintains academic records, the university catalog, integrity of transcript data, verifies enrollment, schedules courses and classrooms in preparation for registration and provides assistance during registration. The registrar also provides insight on academic policy proposal and implementation, institutional history, oversees compliance to academic and privacy policies, evaluates and posts transfer credit, creates documents to support advising, processes transcript requests, updates student information and performs degree audits and conferral. 

Melissa Tole, Registrar


Book a virtual meeting with me here.


Faculty Forms

Student Forms

All forms may be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in Gillett Hall Room 121 OR emailed from your address to

Accelerated Online Course Request Form 

Accelerated online courses are generally reserved for adult students in the SGAPE program.  However, traditional student may apply to take this course with permission from his or her advisor.  Make sure to submit this form in advance of the class start date because it will need to be manually added by the registrar.

Add/Drop Course Form

You have the ability to add/drop a course in MyBenU until the end of the add/drop period for a given course (usually 1 week after start of term).  If you need to add/drop a course after that window closes, you may fill out this form.  

Approval of Transfer Courses Form

Fill out this form before you elect to register for courses off campus. The form should be completed and approved prior to enrollment in the desired off campus course. Following completion of the course, students must submit official transcripts to Benedictine University at Mesa.  Signatures required: Student, Advisor, Registrar  

Change of Academic Plan Form

Use this form to add or change your major, minor, concentration, catalog rules year, campuses, or advisor.  If you want to change advisors, make sure to obtains signatures from both the former advisor and new advisor.  It is not valid until all required signatures have been obtained.


Change of Student Information Form

Use this form to change your name, address, phone number, email.  You can specify a duration of time.  Some changes may require documentation. 


Confidential Release Authorization Form (to a third party)

Students fill out this form to allow a third party, such as a future employer, to request information about your academic record.


Community College Completion Credit Application Form


Incomplete Grade Request Form

Students must complete this form to request an I grade (incomplete) for the semester in a given course.  It can only be submitted during the term and the student must be passing at the time it is requested.  Only the student may submit this form.

Undergraduate Enrollment Agreement

Traditional and adult accelerated incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to sign this form to acknowledge the financial agreement made when enrolling for courses.  


Students must submit this form to allow parents access to your academic or financial information.  

Graduate Enrollment Agreement

Graduate students are required to sign this form to acknowledge the financial agreement made when enrolling for courses.

Petition for External Credit Form

You may petition to post external credit awarded to you from AP (score over 3), CLEP, IB, departmental exam or work/life experience.  If you choose to do so, you may be charged a fee for the exam credit.  An official transcript is required along with this signed application.  It requires a signature from your advisor because you may not repeat a course you have posted from external credit.  

Late Course Withdrawal Form

You have the ability to withdraw yourself from a course in MyBenu until the 60% time mark in the course.  If you are still within the window to withdraw, login in to MyBenU > Navigate to "Self-Service" > Enrollment > Edit or Drop a Class > Select the term, find the class > seletc "Drop Selected Classes" and click finish. Use this form to apply for a W grade only if you have missed the window to withdraw yourself from courses.  It must be submitted by the week before the end of the term.  

Leave of Absence Form

An alternative to withdrawing from the university is a leave of absence.  A leave of absence will preserve your course work, catalog rules, and enrollment in the school for four full terms.  An exit interview with the CEO is required.  Please submit this form to Office of the Registrar to ensure that your records are properly handled until your return.  

Internship Process for Academic Credit: The following information will assist students in obtaining, if eligible, academic credit for work in an internship. If interested please read the guidelines and fill out the appropriate paperwork with your academic advisor. The Career Services Webpage also has additional resources and references.





Fall 2020 

Please be aware that courses, times, locations and professors may change. These links will be updated occasionally.  Please visit MyBenU to ensure you have the most current information.


Fall 2020


In order to receive your diploma, and participate in graduation ceremonies you must apply to graduation. To apply, navigate to the Self Service Option of MyBenU, click on Degree Progress/ Graduation and Apply for Graduation.

Enrollment and Degree Verification

Do you require an Enrollment Verification Code or want to obtain a Degree Verify Certificate? BenU has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to process these requests. Follow the self-service directions on the Enrollment and Degree Verification page to submit your request and print your certificate.

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