Student Life

Student Life at Mesa

The Student Life Office is committed to the enhancement of student learning and personal development. Emphasis is placed on the values of community responsibility, diversity, social justice, human dignity and our Benedictine heritage by modeling and providing programs that foster fairness, wellness, cooperation and leadership.

We are responsible for student services, educational programming, and learning experiences gained through out-of classroom activities. Student Life interacts with students through organized services and programs to create a campus responsive to individual student needs. We are interested in the whole well being, development and success of all our Benedictine students  and provide services in the following categories:

Student Services
  • Accommodations
  • Academic Support
  • BenCard
  • Health Services
Student Activities
  • Ministry
  • Clubs
  • Student Senate
  • Recreation
Community Outreach
  • Community Service
  • Events
Parent Programs
  • Family Events
  • Parent Resources
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