Benedictine police add another layer of protection for officers, citizens

Benedictine police add another layer of protection for officers, citizens
November 10, 2008

Phil Brozynski, Media Relations Manager
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“World’s Scariest Police Chases,” “Caught on Tape” and “Most Shocking” are among the television programs that allow viewers to follow on-duty police officers as they perform some of their most dangerous duties. Most video collected by police departments is via in-car video recorders. Video has been shown to increase the likelihood of successful prosecution while protecting officers and agencies from false allegations and frivolous law suits. At the same time, video enhances officer safety, training, performance and professionalism. But in-car video can’t go with the officer up to the door, inside the apartment, into the backyard or down a narrow alley. It can’t prove the officer had permission to search a house, whether a suspect was read his rights, nor prove an officer did not act inappropriately. The VIDMIC can. Sold nationwide by a Utah-based company, EHS, Inc., the VIDMIC is a fully-operational shoulder mic which houses a color digital video recorder, still photo camera and digital audio recorder. The high-tech data acquisition system goes everywhere the police officer wearing it goes and records important information anytime. The revolutionary device provides an eye witness to every event an officer is involved in – an eye witness whose testimony is absolutely reliable. Recently, the Benedictine University Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in Illinois to utilize this video/radio unit in the field for non-traffic issues. “The VIDMIC is a valuable resource which will provide an accurate depiction of events we encounter, ensure a level of officer safety and reduce potential claims against officers,” said Benedictine University Police Sgt. Paul Creekmore. “Our entire community can be assured that inappropriate behavior will now be documented by responding officers.” The VIDMIC was recognized as the most innovative communications product of 2007 at the annual International Chiefs of Police convention. The VIDMIC was also awarded the Global Sources Electronics Design Award presented at the 2007 China Electronics Fair, one of the world’s largest electronics trade shows. The use of the VIDMIC is governed by the Illinois Compiled Statutes (720 ILCS 5/25-4) regarding unauthorized video recording and live video transmission.


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