Police Services

Campus Area Patrols, Criminal Investigations, Accident/Crash reports. Traffic Control, Traffic & Parking Enforcement and Crime Prevention.
Safety Escorts
Escorts are provided for student who feel unsafe traversing campus (24) hours per day. If you feel unsafe for any reason, please feel free to contact the University Police Department and request an escort to any on-campus destination.(6PM-6AM, ON CAMPUS ONLY)
Jumpstarts/Vehicle Unlocks
University Police will to the degree that we are able... attempt to jumpstart your vehicle if you request this service. We will also attempt to unlock your vehicle when you lock your keys in the car. However, during the winter months, if the temperature falls below 30 degrees, please be aware of potential damage to your vehicle resulting from a mixture of cold weather and unlocking tools.
Dorm Room Unlocks
University Police will unlock your residence hall room or apartment at Founders Woods after verifying your identity. Your first request of the academic year is free of charge. All subsequent requests will result in a $10.00 fee being charged to your student account.
Student ID cards / Parking Permits

Student and Faculty/Staff University identification cards may be obtained in the office of University Police located within in the Ground Floor of the Parking Garage. They are free of charge. Replacement Commuter I.D. cards are $10.00.  Replacement Resident & Athlete I.D. cards are $50.00.

Lost and Found Property

Lost and Found Property which is turned into University Police or found by officers, will be kept for (30) days.  

*******    Lost and Found Property will be kept for (30) days and then discarded.  *********

Public Presentations
University Police Officers conduct varying presentations to classes, student organizations and other groups who come to campus. University Police conduct presentations on the following topics: Crime Prevention, Personal Safety, Violence in the Workplace, Safety in the Classroom, Club Drugs Awareness, Alcohol Awareness and many other topics.
Property Engraving
You may come to the Office of University Police to use our engraver to mark your property with permanent identifiers of you... the owner. There is no charge for this service.
Event Security
Hire Benedictine Police Officers for security at your event by calling (630) 829-6667.

Community Safety Patrol

The Benedictine University Police Student Cadets are a group of specially selected and trained students who provide safety escorts for students, faculty and staff. They cursory checks of the parking lots, buildings and grounds. Cadets work in the University Emergency Dispatch Center answering calls, logging call information and cadets also unlock residence hall rooms, academic buildings, assist with community policing events and ride with University Police Officers during shift.

While on duty, Cadets carry two-way radios to report suspicious activity to the University Police. Cadets positions are paid and working hours span 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m., Sunday-Saturday.


Persons in need of an escort to and from campus buildings or facilities may contact the Cadets Escort Line for information at (630) 829-6669. Escorts to and from campus buildings or facilities are available (7) days a week.

Cadets assist with checking the Emergency Call Boxes located throughout campus. This ensures that they are in good working order and the Emergency Dispatcher can hear the person calling and vice versa.

CSA's support the University Police Department and entire campus community in a variety of ways. Athletic events, Academic Events, Educational Awareness Programs, Parking Details and the Safety Escort Program.

To apply for positions as a CSA, please send an email of interest to: msalatino@ben.edu and a member of the University Police Department will contact you if an open position is available.

Jackie - University Police

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Description: Guidelines regarding the use, sale, delivery, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on any property owned or controlled by the University.

Benedictine University Police Department 

Emergency: (630) 829-6666

Non-Emergency: (630) 829-6122

Lower level of the Parking Garage
5720 College Road Lisle IL, 60532
Police Officers on Campus 24/7