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General Registration Information
Important Registration Considerations

Your grades, which are posted on your transcript, are a direct result of the registration actions you take each semester. The registration processing (adds/drops/swaps) at Benedictine is based on Academic Calendar policy. Please pay close attention to all registration deadlines.

For instance, if you drop a course after the "End of Add/Drop Period for SEM (semester) classes," a "W" (Withdrawal) is posted to your transcript to reflect that drop date. The academic history on a transcript must remain accurate and will not be adjusted once posted.

Whenever you complete any registration adjustments, always review your class schedule to make sure your online processing is accurately done. If not, the transcript grades will reflect registration errors. For example, you may attempt to drop a course. If not successfully dropped, your name will remain on the instructor's Class Roster, and he/she is required to post an "F" grade for non-participation in the course.

If you are not successfully registered for a class even though you attended class sessions, your name will not be on the instructor's Grade Roster and he/she will not be able to submit a grade. The instructor should not allow you to remain in a class unless you are officially registered and your name appears on the Class Roster.

If you have questions regarding registration policies or procedures, please contact any Office of the Registrar staff member at 630-829-6349 or stop by the office at Lownik 103. We will be glad to assist you with your course registration.

For New Students
Degree Seeking
Degree Seeking

If you wish to work toward a degree on either a full- or part-time basis, you should contact the Enrollment Services Center at (630) 829-6300 as soon as possible. Upon admission, you will be assigned an academic advisor with whom you meet for advising and registration. 

The graduation requirements you must meet are those in effect for the term of your admission to a degree program. These may be different from those in effect if you registered for classes as a Student-At-Large (SAL).

Non-degree Seeking (Student-At-Large)
Non-degree Seeking (Student-At-Large)

A Student-At-Large (SAL) is one who wishes to take courses for one's own enrichment or enjoyment or while on leave from another college and who is not seeking a degree from Benedictine University. A new SAL should visit the Advising Center/Visiting Undergraduate Students webpage for more information and to fill out the form embedded in the page. You will then be contacted by someone from the Advising Center.

A SAL is not required to submit transcripts. Should you later decide to work toward a Benedictine University degree, your SAL courses may fulfill other graduation major requirements pending the approval of the department chair/program director. However, they ordinarily do not satisfy our residency requirement for earning a degree at Benedictine University. Regardless of status, all courses taken for credit appear on your transcript. It is the responsibility of the visiting student to verify that chosen courses will be accepted by his/her home institution.

SAL status is not available to students denied regular admission to Benedictine University or whom Benedictine University has already dropped for poor scholarship. SAL students are not eligible for financial aid.

Course Schedule

The complete collection of course schedules can all be found in your MyBenU or on the BenULive web page.

NOTE: All registration is done online through your MyBenU account. 

Course Schedule Explanation
Variable Credit

If a course is listed as variable credit, you may register for the amount of credit in the designated range.

Meeting Days

M T W R F SA SU — Indicates the day of the week

  • TBA – To be arranged; contact department or instructor
  • OL – Online course
  • WI – Writing intensive class
  • C – Core class
  • S – Skills class
  • TC – Teacher Education - Non-Western Culture

Three credit-hour courses:

  • meet for two-and-a-half hours (excluding breaks) if once a week
  • meet for one-and-a-quarter hours if twice a week
  • meet for 50 minutes if three times a week.

Benedictine University reserves the right to close or cancel courses if they are over- or under-enrolled. The University also reserves the right to change course meeting days or times, course format, instructors, or room locations.

Using MyBenU

MyBenU is Benedictine University's online student information system. In addition to other features, students can use MyBenU to self-register for classes. MyBenU can be found under Student Login using the Current Students link. The following guidelines apply to registration using MyBenU:

  • Students register based upon classification and number of earned hours.
  • Students are required to meet with an advisor and obtain their advisor's approval prior to registering for courses.
  • All financial, library and health holds must be cleared before registration.
  • Students must observe all procedures with respect to course prerequisites, department consent designations, and PIN numbers.
  • Freshmen and transfers will need advisor approval for any schedule changes.
  • In order to protect personal identity information, students are strongly discouraged from sharing their identification and social security numbers with other students or allowing other students to register on their behalf. The University assumes no liability for consequences resulting from students voluntarily sharing such information.
MyBenU and Self-Registration FAQs
What is MyBenU?

MyBenU is Benedictine University's online student information system. You can also use MyBenU to add and drop classes; view and print unofficial transcripts; view any financial/health holds; make a payment; view your financial aid account; search for assigned advisors; and verify demographic information. More functions will be available in the future.

Who can use MyBenU?

Traditional undergraduate, adult accelerated undergraduate, graduate, new freshmen, and transfer students may all register through MyBenU.

Is the system easy to use?

Yes. All you need is a user name, password, and your pertinent registration information such as department, course number, course title, credit, day, and time.

Will help be available when I register?

The Office of the Registrar will be available to assist students Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. in Lownik 103 or by calling 630-829-6349. If you are receiving an error message, please refer to the error glossary prior to seeking assistance.

Can I register prior to my assigned time?

No. The system will not permit you to register early, but you may register any time after your assigned time.

How do I reset my password
How do I reset my password?

Passwords are set to expire every 90 days. If you need to reset your password, please go to the Student Account Manager.

What should I do if I am having trouble using the system?
What should I do if I am having trouble using the system?

If you are having trouble accessing the system, you may call the Information Technology Helpdesk at 630-829-6684. Please have your student ID number handy.

MyBenU will not allow you to register if there are financial or health holds on your account or if you have not seen your advisor. If you have questions about possible holds on your account, check MyBenU.

If you still are having trouble, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 630-829-6349 prior to your registration date.

Can I register from home or off-campus?

Yes. MyBenU is available off-campus.

Registration Procedures
Registration by Seniority

**You must see your advisor prior to your registration date for advising or you will be unable to register**

  • You will be assigned a date to register using MyBenU on a seniority system of credit hours earned. Students may not access registration in MyBenU prior to their assigned time. (NOTE: After the registration date is assigned, it will not be adjusted based on any additional posting to the transcript of transfer credits, AP credits, etc.)
  • If you cannot register at your assigned time slot, you may register at a later time.
  • You should verify your enrollment appointment on MyBenU.
  • There will be no excused absences from class to register for a future term. Please plan accordingly.
  • All holds (financial, health, library) must be cleared prior to registration.
Department/Instructor Consent Instructions

Consent/approval is granted by a permission number (PIN). This PIN is available only through the department.

Procedures for Waitlisted Classes
  • Students may place themselves on a course waitlist through MyBenU (there is no need to provide contact information).
  • If a seat becomes available, the students who are highest on the list will be auto-enrolled and notified via their Benedictine University email account. Students on waitlist(s) should check their Benedictine email account regularly to see if they have been auto-enrolled in the course. This is a University-wide policy applicable to all academic departments.
  • No guarantees Being on a waitlist does NOT guarantee that students will get into a course; rather, the waitlist merely establishes the order that students will be auto-enrolled if a seat becomes available. Do not negotiate with a department for a higher position on a waitlist, nor for a PIN when a waitlist is in place. Additionally, do not ask to be placed on a waitlist when it is at capacity.
  • Prerequisites Students who do not meet the stated prerequisites for a course will not be allowed to put themselves on the waitlist for that course.
  • Time conflicts If students on a waitlist are enrolled in a different class that meets at the same time as the waitlisted class, then the system will NOT auto enroll them when a seat becomes available. The system will skip over that student and auto-enroll the next student on the waitlist. The first student will, however, retain his/her position on the waitlist.
  • Multiple sections Students who are waitlisted for a different section(s) of a course in which they are already enrolled will NOT be auto-enrolled when a seat becomes available in the waitlisted section. Students will retain their position on the waitlist, but will be skipped over by the system. Similarly, if a student is waitlisted for multiple sections of a course in which they are not enrolled, then upon being auto enrolled in the course, they will be auto removed from the waitlists of all the other sections of the course.
  • (18 hour limit) If auto-enrolling will put the student over the 18 credit-hour limit, the system will NOT auto-enroll the student. Students must get their record updated to allow them to register for more than 18 credit hours. Once the record is updated with a new limit, students can be auto-enrolled in the course if doing so keeps them within the new limit. (Students should talk to their advisors for required signatures approvals.)
  • Four hour limit Students can waitlist themselves in courses up to a maximum of four credit-hours total.
  • Checkbox Some students on a waitlist will NOT be auto-enrolled unless their advising record is updated by their advisor. Students who are new freshmen, on academic probation or new transfer students (first-term transfer) must receive advisor approval so the "Eligible to Enroll" box is checked each time in their advising record before the system will auto-enroll them from a waitlist.
  • Changing your mind Students on a waitlist who change their mind and no longer wish to take a course should remove themselves from the waitlist using MyBenU.
  • Checking your status Rather than calling the department, students should use MyBenU to determine their current position on the waitlist.
  • Responsibility Students who use the waitlist option are responsible for monitoring their schedules.
  • Add/Drop week Effective the first day of the term, the waitlist option and auto-enroll will be frozen. Use of PIN numbers will continue to be recognized through the first week of classes only.
Enrollment Appointments

Use these instructions to confirm your enrollment appointment using MyBenU.

How to Register Using MyBenU

Please read and follow the "How to Register Using MyBenU" directions carefully to learn how to enroll in classes using the new MyBenU system.

How-to-Register Videos

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Prerequisites and Audits
  • Appropriate prerequisites are listed in the course description. It is your responsibility to determine that you have completed them or consulted with the department chair about a suitable equivalent.
  • Classroom assignments and other class changes will be posted on BenULive andMyBenU.

The Audit (AUD) grade designation indicates that a student has registered for a course and was eligible to attend class sessions. Auditing a course does not necessarily reflect participation, nor does it indicate anything regarding completion of assignments. Auditors are entitled to participate in class activities to the extent the instructor permits. Audit registration requires the approval of the instructor.

A student may not change from credit to audit or audit to credit after the end of the add/drop period. If a course has stated enrollment limits, students taking the course for credit will be enrolled before students auditing the course. Lab courses may not be taken as an audit. When an AUD grade designation is posted on the transcript, it cannot be changed to a letter grade. Audited courses are not available for later credit or proficiency by examination.

NOTE: Students receive no credit for audited courses and no entry is made on permanent transcripts. Students may change to or from audit only during the first week of class. The tuition rate per hour is one-half the full tuition rate. Students may not seek credit for an audit course by later examination. Lab courses may not be audited.

Administrative Drop Policy and Procedure

*This policy does not apply to classes in the School of Graduate, Adult and Professional Education (SGAPE)

  • Intent of the Policy The primary intent of the Administrative Drop Policy is to ensure full enrollment in classes in which demand for seats exceeds supply. The purpose is to free up seats held by non-attending students in such classes so that students who wish to take the class may be able to do so.
  • Drop for Non-Attendance Undergraduate students may be dropped from a class for non-attendance by a departmental administrative drop by the end of the first week of the class.
  • To avoid being administratively withdrawn from a class, a student must request permission to remain in the course. Permission must be requested from the Department Chair (reference the Faculty/Staff Directory to find your Department Chair) prior to the first class meeting.
  • Such requests must be made in writing (by email using the student's University email account) and must specify which dates during the first week of class would be missed and the reason for the proposed absence. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the request has been received.
  • Upon receipt of the request, the Department Chair (or instructor) shall notify the student as to whether the request has been granted. This notification will be made to the student's University email address by the end of the first week of the class.
  • The Department Chair shall notify the Office of the Registrar of all administrative drops for his/her department prior to the end of the first week of the class.
  • The Office of the Registrar shall drop the student from the class and notify the student and the student's academic advisor of the administrative drop. Notification will be made to the student's University email address.
Academic Repeat Policy

For courses taken at Benedictine University, undergraduate students – both degree-seeking and Students-At-Large (SAL) – may repeat a course in which they received grades of "W," "D" or "F" no more than two times. Students may not repeat any course in which they receive a grade of "C" or better. When a course is repeated for credit, the earlier earned grade remains on the student's permanent record and will appear on all transcripts. Only the last enrollment and earned grade will be used in computing the cumulative grade point average and awarding of credit.

If a student wishes to repeat a course originally taken at Benedictine University and in which an earned grade was received, the repeat must be a course at Benedictine University. A repeat may not be by independent study or by study at another institution. The Academic Standing Committee may provide exceptions to this policy. An earned grade is a grade of "A," "B," "C," "D" and "F."

Students who have graduated may not repeat a course for credit in which they previously earned a grade of "A," "B," "C" or "D." A student who has graduated may only audit a course in which they previously earned credit.

Academic Procedures
Add/Drop Procedure

During fall and spring semesters, you may add or drop a course by the final day of the first week of the term.

  • Traditional freshmen, new transfer students and students on academic probation may need their advisor's approval but other students do not.
  • If you drop a course after the first full week, you will receive a "W" on your transcript. Dropping and adding classes after the first full week may result in overload tuition fees and additional finance processing fees. You can withdraw from a class before completion of 70% of the class.
  • The last day to drop a 15-week course is listed in the Academic Calendar. Choose the Traditional Undergraduate Semester Programs for this calendar date.

Advisors are assigned to all students to help with academic choices and requirements, and should be seen during each registration period. Most departments offer a choice of advisors. See your Department Chair if you wish to change your advisor. Students must obtain an advisor's approval to register for courses.

Change of Grades

Grade changes are permitted only for clerical errors. Once the instructor has submitted a final grade, a final exam may not be retaken or paper rewritten, etc. If you have a question about your grades, please contact the instructor for a review of the exam. For best results, you should contact your instructor as soon as possible. Grade appeal procedures are listed in the Student Handbook.

Early Warning Notices

Early warning notices are to warn the student of poor performance. They are usually issued when a student remains on a class list without attendance or stops attending without reason; the student has failed to turn in assignments; a "D" or "F" is issued on a major test or assignment; or whenever else the instructor thinks it is advisable. Check the remarks section to identify the problem and the recommended action.

Final Exams

Please pay close attention to when Common Exams are held, which will be announced in classes.

Payments and Financial Arrangements

Tuition is incurred at the time of registration. Payment in full or payment arrangements are due within seven calendar days of the start of the semester.

For more information, please check with the Business Office.

Official Final Grades

Official final grades are available to students via MyBenU.


Incompletes are issued sparingly after initiation by a student having at least a "C" in the course, who is not on academic probation, and who has a clearly defined program for completion with dates noted on the form. They must be approved by the instructor, the department chair and the Registrar, and be arranged before the final exam. If the course is not completed by the the end of the following Fall or Spring semester, the grade automatically becomes an "F."

Leave of Absence (LOA)

A degree-seeking student may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) for up to three consecutive semesters. Upon return, the student does not need to be readmitted and original graduation requirements remain the same. Please contact your advisor to work through the process of taking an LOA.

If you leave without LOA status and wish later to return, you must meet the graduation requirements in effect upon your return if your absence has been three semesters or longer. LOA status is not available if you are on academic probation.

Student Records and Disclosure

Benedictine University maintains an educational record for each student who is or has been enrolled. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, as amended, all student rights as covered by the Act are described in the Catalog under the Student Records and Disclosure section. Each of these rights is explained in the University's policy statement available at Current students may prohibit general disclosure of Directory Information by notifying the Registrar in writing (form on file). It will be assumed that failure on the part of a student to request the withholding of Directory Information indicates the student's consent to disclosure.

Student Right-To-Know Act

In accordance with the Student Right-To-Know Act, effective July 1, 1993, graduation and completion rates are available from the Office of Institutional Research.

Transfer Course Approval

Once admitted to degree status, students should get prior approval using the Approval of Transfer Courses form before taking courses at another college during summer school, while on leave or at other times. If this process is not followed, the student risks problems associated with the course credit not transferring as intended and/or academic rules pertaining to graduation.

For details, contact your advisor or the Office of the Registrar at 630-829-6349. You can also check the Transfer Articulation Guides for many colleges to find out if your courses from another institution might be accepted at Benedictine.

Tools for Advising and Registration
The Undergraduate Catalog

Located on the middle left side of the Office of the Registrar website , the Undergraduate Catalog serves as the paramount document for all graduation and major program requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to read and become familiar with the catalog tied to the year of their admittance to the University. Critical items include:

  • Graduation and core curricular requirements
  • Requirements for academic majors, minors and concentrations
  • Course descriptions
  • Academic policies
Major Checklists

Checklists for all academic majors (including concentrations and teaching certification information) are available through the Major Sheets/Checklists page. These checklists are linked to the Catalog in place at the time of the student's admittance to the University and can be used to track academic progress toward graduation.


MyBenU is the University's self-service information and registration system. Students have access to MyBenU using their student log-in.

MyBenU can be used for self-registration, to add/drop classes, view and print unofficial transcripts, view financial and health holds, make a payment, and verify demographic information.

Academic Major Sheets

The academic major sheets include information about the academic discipline as well as information about occupations related to the field of study. In addition, the major sheets include recommended four-year schedules of courses to guide students through the course selection process. However, the sheets should not be used as a substitute for working with an advisor.

Payment Information and Options

For information on payments and refunds, please visit the Business Office website.

Applying for Financial Aid

Please note that students must be accepted in a degree-seeking program and enrolled for a minimum of six hours per semester to receive financial assistance. To apply for financial aid complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Apply online at Benedictine's federal school code is 001767.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy*

Students who withdraw after the first week of the traditional term will receive a "W" on both the grade report and the transcript. Students may withdraw from a course before completion of 70% of the course. Students who do not withdraw properly will receive the letter grade of "F."

  • Students may drop from a course up to seven calendar days after the first class meeting for a full refund.
  • Students may drop from a course 8-14 calendar days after the first class meeting for a 75 percent refund.
  • Students dropping from a course 15-21 calendar days after the first class meeting will receive a 50 percent refund.
  • Students dropping from a course 22 calendar days or more after the first class meeting will receive no refund.
  • Courses that have a condensed meeting schedule will have no refund available after the first class meeting.
  • All drops must be done using MyBenU
    1. Notifying the instructor that you want to drop a course does not officially drop or withdraw a student from a course
    2. Non-attendance in a course will not constitute a drop or a withdrawal
    3. Students who do not officially drop a course will be financially responsible for the entire cost of the course.
  • The Adult Accelerated refund policy differs from traditional undergraduate. To view this policy, please visit
  • For current billing information, visit the Business Office
  • Students enrolled with full-time tuition (12-18 hours) who make schedule changes during the add/drop period will receive a tuition adjustment only if their hours change to a different tuition category (part-time tuition is assessed for schedules with less than 12 hours; overload fees are assessed for schedules with more than 18 hours).
  • Recipients of federal financial aid who officially withdraw from the University will be subject to Federal Title IV refund guidelines.
  • Students who are expelled or suspended from the University during the course of an academic term are responsible for all financial obligations.
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