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Cooperative Education takes advantage of the powerful learning opportunities that exist outside of the classroom in the working world. It provides students with practical work experience that helps them become stronger students and more valuable employees.

Instead of an internship, your work experience is a professional apprenticeship that spans several semesters with one employer. Cooperative Education's unique partnership between Benedictine and employers creates a structured opportunity for top-performing students, resulting in higher quality learning and greater employability.

How it Works

As part of Cooperative Education, eligible full-time students spend several semesters working part-time for an employer in a field related to their area of study. At the same time, they complete the Cooperative Education curriculum, where their experience on-the-job is discussed, dissected, and evaluated in the classroom. The lessons of work and academics are perfect complements, and as a result, student performance improves in both areas.

Our Vision

To create the unique imprint of a Benedictine University of Springfield graduate: one who receives industry-related employment experience in the field of their major prior to graduation, entering the working world prepared to make a valuable difference.

Our Mission

To build learning partnerships among students, faculty, and employers that create engagement, expand relationships and inspire stewardship.

Our Goals

  • To maximize the educational value of the student's course work.
  • To examine the relationships between theory and practice as observed in the workplace.
  • To find greater meaning in student's studies by integrating theory with practice, ultimately improving student success in the classroom and the workplace.
  • To develop good work habits and enhance student's problem solving skills.
  • To meet and work with a diversity of people under varied and sometimes unpredictable conditions, and to collaborate successfully.
  • To develop greater understanding of other people and improved skills in human relations.
  • To become oriented and competent in the world of professional work.
  • To expand an understanding of  a student's unique purpose through interaction in the marketplace.
  • To increase student's motivation, enthusiasm and ambition.
  • To gain a greater sense of responsibility for student's efforts, greater dependence on their judgments and a corresponding development of maturity.
  • To assist in financing student's education, leading to independence and greater self-esteem and confidence.
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Cooperative Education Employer Partners

Our list of Cooperative Education employer partners continues to grow. Click here to see a current roster.

Entrance Requirements
  1. Full-time Benedictine University at Springfield student
  2. Junior standing
  3. 3.0 GPA or greater.
  4. Faculty recommendation
  5. Able to work up to 20 hours per week.
  6. Completed Cooperative Education application.
  7. Involvement in extracurricular activities on-campus is highly encouraged.