Springfield: Participates in scholar exchange with French university

July 10, 2013

Benedictine University at Springfield welcomes French scholar Amandine Savall to central Illinois. Savall will conduct studies focused on local family-owned businesses with an international scope and hopes to have local support from the Springfield area in this research. She is visiting from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (le CNAM), a university in Paris, France. Her work examines management of international practices in family-owned businesses —comparing such items as decision-making, implementation, and management control of internationalization processes in family-owned businesses in Europe, North America, and Mexico.

As part of the Springfield-France scholarly exchange, George Houston, Ph.D., Director of Business Graduate Programs, recently attended the Annual Transatlantic Conference on Accounting, Auditing, Financial Control, and Cost Control at the University of Jean Moulin in Lyon. A recent graduate of Benedictine’s Ph.D. in Organization Development, Houston’s paper submission won “best English language paper by a Ph.D. student” that explored reducing project costs of virtual work teams. Doctoral candidates of Benedictine University at Springfield attend the Conference in Lyon, France, as a part of the program’s international learning experience.

Houston will serve as liaison with Savall as her visit to Springfield reflects the ongoing collaborative relationship between Benedictine’s Organization Development Ph.D. program and French Ph.D. students and scholars. If your business is family-owned and international in scope and you would like to participate in her research, please call George Houston at (217) 306-8034 or email ghouston@ben.edu. You may also contact Ms. Savall directly at amandine.savall@iseor.com.