Credential Files

The Credential File Service is a service provided to Education Majors, whether you are a current student or an alumni. The first five credential files mailed are free; additional cost for each file mailed is $3.00. The Career Development office houses credential files for education majors and mails them to private and independent schools as well as school district(s) upon written request, via the Credential Request Form:

|Download form.pdf| OR |Online form|
Please note that many school districts are moving away from credential files housed in University/College Career Development Offices and have been progressing to complete online applications that ask for uploaded documents (resumes, transcripts, etc.). Check the school district's website for particular requirements.

Note: Credential files will be kept for 5 years in Career Development and then will be purged.


A Credential File consists of:

Letters of Recommendation
Although a Recommendation Form is acceptable, it is usually a better idea to have actual letter of recommendations from former employers or instructors.
Recommendations from personal friends & family is discouraged. Recommendations should be kept current so if you have been working for several years, you should have recommendations from current employers and not recommendations from your high school gym teacher from ten years ago.
Also, it is best not to waive your right to view any recommendation. If you waive your right to view a recommendation, federal law prohibits the Career Development Office from releasing or even reading the contents to the individual.

Download Recommendation Form.pdf

Official Transcripts
Students should have all official transcripts from any college/university attended submitted to Benedictine's Career Development Office. Many Records and Registrar Departments of colleges and universities charge a minimal fee for this service. Please note that the actual official transcript will not be sent to multitude schools - only copies of these transcripts.
Double check to make sure a particular school district, does not require official transcripts. Kane County Regional Office does require official transcripts without a broken seal be sent to them.
Call Ben Central to request official transcripts from Benedictine University at 630.829.6500

Teaching Certificate
Please visit the Illinois State Board of Education for the most current certification requirements, which may often change quickly. We will send a copy of your teaching certificate, both front and back, as part of your credential file.

Alternate Certification Brochure and Letter
For alternate certification students, a brochure along with a letter from Dr. Zigmond explaining the program are also included.

Cover & End Sheet
A Benedictine University cover and back sheet professionalize the credential file, which is then sent first class to the school.

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