Dining Services

The Krasa Center Dining Commons, the Coal Ben and the Coffee Shop are brought to you by Chartwells and the dining team at Benedictine University.

Chartwells' and the dining team at Benedictine University are always striving to bring new and improved types of service to you our guests.

We hope you find this section helpful with answering any questions about the meal plans, hours and menus offered by the food service department of Benedictine University. Visit the Dining Services website.


Student Affairs enhances the development of students as lifelong learners and leaders by supporting them throughout the progression of their academic careers.
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Student Affairs

Brian Smoko
Food Service Director
Phone: (630) 829-6389

Mikey Koval
Catering Director
Phone: 630-829-6385

Jen Manola
Executive Chef
(630) 829-6387