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University Police Divisions

Patrol Operations

University Police officers patrol the Lisle main campus and the area surrounding it between College Road, Maple Avenue, Naper Boulevard and Green Trails Drive. They also have jurisdiction anywhere the University has property or interest, including the counties of DuPage, Cook and Sangamon.

Patrol officers work one of four shifts to provide around-the-clock police service to the University community. Officers are assigned to patrol specific areas on-campus in marked squad cars, mountain bikes or on foot. Officers also use covert and tactical patrol methods such as plain-clothed patrol when required to address specific crime problems.

Patrol officers respond to crimes in progress, traffic accidents, reports of suspicious activity, and request for assistance ranging from medical emergencies to car/office or residence hall lockouts. Patrol officers conduct initial investigations of most crimes reported on-campus and are often the first point of contact that the campus community has with the University Police.

Officers are assigned to specific areas of campus or "beats." Officers are assigned to patrol these areas exclusively and become familiar with it and the rest of the University community. On every beat, patrol officers are trained to use a proactive problem-solving approach to work with the community to reducing crime through prevention and education.

Bike Patrol Unit

The Benedictine University Police Department first integrated the use of bikes into its patrol operations in 2007. Today, this unit consists of two specially trained officers on two specially designed Trek mountain bikes outfitted with all-terrain tires and off-road suspension.

Officers assigned to the Bike Patrol Unit must complete a basic training course with a department instructor and complete an annual eight-hour refresher training course to maintain bicyclist-officer certification. Police cyclist training includes instruction on operating the bike through various skill courses, up and down stairs, over obstacles, multi-mile endurance rides, bike maintenance skills and physical conditioning.

Bike Patrol Unit officers can exercise the option to ride throughout the entire year, depending on weather conditions and staffing levels.

The Bike Patrol Unit is another example of the department’s proactive approach to law enforcement and service to the community. It increases the police officer’s visibility and connection with the public, enhances response times and increases efficiency in patrolling areas that cannot be traversed by vehicle inside the Campus Quad and other areas around campus limited to pedestrian traffic.

Problem-Oriented Policing Unit

The Problem-Oriented Policing Unit is charged with underage alcohol enforcement, social hosting enforcement, concentrated traffic enforcement and other special investigations as assigned by the Chief of University Police.

Student Cadets

Benedictine University Police Student Cadets are a group of specially selected and trained students who provide safety escorts for students, faculty and staff. They complete cursory checks of campus parking lots, buildings and grounds; answer calls and log call information in the University Emergency Dispatch; unlock residence hall rooms and academic buildings; assist with community policing events and ride along with University Police officers during shifts.

While on duty, cadets carry two-way radios to report suspicious activity to the University Police. Cadets assist with checking emergency call boxes throughout campus, making sure they are in good working order. They also support the University Police and entire campus community at athletic and academic events, educational awareness programs, parking details and through the Benedictine University Police Safety Cadet Escort Program.

The cadet is a paid position with work hours spanning from 7:00-2:00 a.m., Sunday-Saturday. To apply for a position as a cadet, send an email of interest to Chief Debra Vanderploeg at and a member of the University Police will contact you if a position is available.

University Police Authority

Illinois grants the Benedictine University Police its law enforcement authority under the Illinois Private College Campus Police Act. The act allows the board of trustees at Illinois’ private colleges and universities the right to establish a police department.

Private College Campus Police Act

(Taken from the Illinois Compiled Statutes - Ch. 110 ILCS 1020/1)

Members of the University police department shall have the powers of municipal peace officers and county sheriffs, including the power to make arrests under the circumstances prescribed in Section 107-2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963, as amended, for violations of state statutes, municipal or county ordinances. University Police Officers also have authority and jurisdiction to enforce traffic laws on roadways contiguous to the University. The members of such University Police Department shall be persons who have successfully completed the Minimum Standards Basic Law Enforcement Training Course offered at a police training school established under the Illinois Police Training Act. All members of such University police departments must also successfully complete the Firearms Training for Peace Officers established under the Peace Officer and Probation Officer Firearm Training Act.

Criminal Charges

Benedictine University Police have authority to enforce Village of Lisle ordinances within the Village of Lisle. Ordinance violations require a court appearance and fine, but no jail time. All ordinance violations are heard at Downers Grove Field Court, 4000 Saratoga Ave., Downers Grove, IL.

Criminal charges filed by Benedictine University Police are heard in the DuPage County Circuit Court, 505 N. County Farm Rd., Wheaton, IL. Failure to appear for designated court dates will result in a Criminal Failure to Appear warrant being issued and/or the revocation of bond.

Code of Conduct

In cases of violations of state statute, village ordinance or University policy, Benedictine University Police have two options. Benedictine University Police may in addition to and in lieu of criminal charges, refer violators to the Benedictine Code of Conduct. If referred to the Benedictine Code of Conduct, the violator must comply with Notices to Appear to the Dean of Students. Failure to comply with the Dean of Students could result in strict academic sanctions and/or the pursuit of criminal charges.

University Police

Parking Garage, Lower Level
5720 College Rd.
Lisle, IL 60532
Emergency: Dial 911
Non-Emergency: (630) 829-6122