Residence Life
Residence Life

Welcome home, we’re glad you’re here! University Housing & Residence Life’s goal is to make sure that your housing on campus living provides countless opportunities to assist in the development of personal growth, community living, leadership skills, and a place that you can call home. The housing team consists of 2 professional staff, 3 Head Residents, and 13 Resident Assistants under Student Engagement. Collectively our team is tasked with helping to ensure that facilities receive proper attention and provide community building initiatives to enrich the student residential experience.

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Resident Assistants (RAs) - Resident Assistants are student leader staff members responsible for building community for the residents, keeping residents informed on department and campus wide events and procedures, confronting policy and documenting policy violations, mediating roommate issues, and participate in nightly duty to ensure safety and security in campus housing.

Head Residents (HRs) - Head Resident Assistants are responsible for direct supervision of Resident Assistants, assist in large scale programming, community development and participating in on-duty rotation for emergency and crisis management response in campus housing.

Coordinator - The Residence Life Coordinator (RLC), Joshua Williams plays an integral role at the University and is responsible for all aspects of student staff including selection process, recruitment training, and supervision.  Joshua is responsible for the training, development, oversight and mentorship of the Head Resident and Resident Assistant staff in all of the University’s residential communities and leads the conduct process for the department.

Director - The Director, Liz Velez leads the department and ensures that the Student Engagement Mission is carried out. Liz is responsible for the operations of campus housing administration, occupancy management, departmental initiatives and strategic planning. In this role, Liz is also involved in assisting with resolving a variety of student issues, conduct and contract management.

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University Housing & Residence Life Handbook

The Benedictine University Housing Agreement is contained within the Housing Portal online. By completing an application and housing agreement, a student is made aware of the terms and conditions associated with residential living, and the student provides consent to the terms and conditions as part of that process.

It is the responsibility of each resident to become familiar with all policies and procedures set forth in the University Housing & Residence Life Handbook, as well as the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook. The Housing staff is available to assist you with interpreting the various policies enclosed in this Handbook, learning about your new surroundings, and becoming an active community member on campus.

Resident Handbook


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