Residence Life
Residence Life

The Residence Life staff is dedicated and responsible for fostering a living environment that promotes and supports Benedictine’s Missions, priorities, and values. The residential community embodies the Benedictine hallmarks and traditions through various Student Engagement initiatives.

On-campus living provides an opportunity for students to combine academic life with social development. Students must establish and test their values, develop social skills, determine priorities, and learn to organize their time. Daily living with others encourages the development of a cooperative attitude, respect for individual rights, and a sense of group responsibility.

As a result, on-campus living develops diverse communities that meet the needs of its members both individually and collectively and create attitudes and skills necessary to progress toward the realization of those conditions which make up a healthy community.

Scope and Responsibilities of the department:

  • Support students in their academic pursuits.
  • Guide students in developing healthy life skills (i.e., conflict resolution, commitment to community, welcoming diversity and leading with purpose, etc.).
  • Provide opportunities that will assist residents in becoming acclimated to living in a community setting.
  • Provide co-curricular programs that support academic success, the core principles, wellness, and the development of life skills.
  • Engage in appropriate and timely responses to circumstances that are deemed a crisis in nature.
  • Educate students about the Student Code of Conduct and the importance of being accountable for their behavior.

Learning Outcomes - Services offered in support of your education:

  • Through various programs residents will learn that collaboration and working together in the community promotes success.
  • Through the on-going development of various life skills, students will learn that civility among community members is paramount to personal growth and the healthy development of the community.
  • Students will have opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

We are very much looking forward to students joining us on-campus where these initiatives form the basis of our programming and services, allowing us to play a positive and impactful role in their college career at Benedictine.