Student Activities and Leadership Development
Student Activities and Leadership Development

When you look back at your time at Benedictine on Commencement Day, what will you remember the most? Chances are it will be the experiences you shared with the friends you made along the way.

At Benedictine, our students don’t just create memories, they build relationships and leadership traits that last a lifetime. And one area they tend to do this most frequently and in large numbers is through student organizations and clubs.

With more than 50 student organizations, we offer a wide spectrum of opportunities in which students can get involved on campus. You can meet students with similar interests and form new friendships, polish or try out leadership skills and make a difference on campus or halfway around the world.

If you don’t see a club that speaks to your interests, you can start your own. All it takes is 15 passionate students, a faculty advisor and a can-do attitude.

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Student Activities and Leadership Development

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Student Activities and Commuter Services Coordinator
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