Students for Ecological and Environmental Development (SEEDs)

Mission Statement

Our mission is founded on the principles of helping Benedictine University become a more environmentally-friendly campus. SEEDs services may be extended to the surrounding communities and other organizations. Our motto is, “Planting a seed today for a greener tomorrow.”


  • President: Rebecca Weber
  • Vice President: Tim Benjamin
  • Secretary: Natalie Danilos
  • Treasurer: Tonesha Campbell
  • Advisor: Anne-Marie Smith


Time: 12:20-1:20 p.m.
Frequency: Thursday, Bi-Weekly (2nd and 4th Weekday of Month)
Location: Birck Hall, Room 218

Student Activities and Leadership Development

Joan Henehan
Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development
(630) 829-6617

Daniel Turano
Assistant Director of Leadership Development
(630) 829-6620

Katie Buell
Student Activities and Commuter Services Coordinator
(630) 829-6128