General Information


There is no charge for undergraduate students. Graduate students will pay $20 per visit. A minimal fee for prescription medications will be charged. Students will be responsible for the cost of outside services.


In the case of an emergency please dial  6666 to reach University Police from any campus phone. If it is a situation that requires immediate emergency response, you should dial 911 and give your exact location.  

Local emergency rooms are: Edward Hospital at 2 S. Washington, Naperville or Good Samaritan Hospital at 3815 S. Highland Ave., Downers Grove.

Health Form

The Student Health Form is available on the University's website at  Both pages of the health form must be completed and returned  to our office before the beginning of the semester. A copy of the immunization record must accompany the health form.  Please visit the Immunization Requirements page for more information. It is advised to make a copy of the submitted forms for your personal record.

Important: A health hold is applied on the first day of class to the accounts of students who have not completed this health requirement. The health hold will prevent you from registering for another term, adding classes, or making a change to your class schedule.

 If there is any way we can help you with this process, please call us at (630) 829-6046 or e-mail us at Our fax number is (630) 829-6035.

Download the Student Health Form. Please save the form to your computer, type the information in the form fields, print and obtain the required signatures.

Download the International Student Health Form. Please save the form to your computer, type the information in the form fields, print and obtain the required signatures.

Request for Records

You can obtain a copy of your immunization records by contacting the Student Health Services office.  Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., August 15 thru May 15.

Along with your request, please include:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • BenU ID#
  • Maiden name
  • Location where information is to be sent - the address or fax number
  • Home phone number in case we need to reach you
The Student Health Services Office is closed May 15 thru August 15.  Please take this into consideration when requesting records and allow for adequate time for our staff to meet your request.

Wellness Education

The Health Service maintains a wide variety of brochures/pamphlets and videos on wellness related topics. If you are looking for information for personal use, class projects or programming let us know. 

Self Care

Sometimes you may have a concern that can be managed  without an office visit. When this occurs, we offer the following services to assist you:

  • Telephone Consultation: If you have a question, need information or are unsure about a health issue, please call us at 630.829.6046 and speak with one of the nurses.
  • Personal Health Kit: It is a good idea to bring a small supply of health care items to school with you for times when our office is not open. Good things to have on hand are: band-aids, pain relievers (Tylenol or Advil), decongestants and cough syrup.

Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan


Contact Information
Location:  Krasa 116
Phone:  630-829-6046
Fax:  630-829-6035

Director of Student Health Services
Pamela Deely, BSN, RN

Nurse/Program Coordinator
Susan Salerno, BSN, RN