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Administrative Withdrawal and Drop Policy*

Intent of the Policy: The primary intent of the Administrative Drop Policy is to ensure full enrollment in classes in which demand for seats exceeds supply. The purpose is to free seats held by non-attending students in such classes so that students who wish to take the class may be able to do so.

Drop for Non-Attendance: Undergraduate students may be dropped from a class for non-attendance by a departmental administrative drop by the end of the first week of the class.

*This policy does not apply to classes in the Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies

For additional information please visit the Registrars' homepage and review the Administrative Drop Policy or contact the Registrar at 630-829-6349 

Early Warning Notices (EWNs)

Please visit and log into the Faculty MyBenU for step-by-step procedure for entering in your EWNs.

Academic Support

Our Learning Specialists track all their appointments and can provide confirmation to instructors that students received help in math (Hillary Holecek) or writing (Anne Marie Smith). These confirmations can meet course or extra credit requirements. The Student Success Center offers other forms of academic support for students and faculty. 

Student Life enhances the development of students as lifelong learners and leaders by supporting them throughout the progression of their academic careers.

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