Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about your transfer credit evaluation or other transfer credit concerns, please contact a transfer credit evaluator.

What is the transfer credit evaluation procedure?

Once you have been admitted and the evaluation team receives your official transcripts, your coursework will be articulated. You will receive a detailed breakdown of how your credit is accepted at Benedictine. A checklist can be used to see exactly how this credit will fit into your desired degree.

How do I read my checklist?

Please visit page 8 and 9 of the Advising Handbook (PDF) to learn more about your checklist.

Do I need an associate degree to transfer?

No, students can transfer to Benedictine University with any amount of coursework; an associate degree is not required. 

What if I have an associate degree?

A conferred Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree from an Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) institution satisfies the Distribution Requirements/Modes of Inquiry and Writing Intensive co-curricular component.

Where do I send my Advanced Placement (AP) scores?

Official AP test scores must be sent from the College Board to Benedictine University. Use code 1707. You may transfer in a maximum of 30 semester credit hours of AP credit.

I have completed a bachelor’s degree at another institution, how will my coursework transfer to Benedictine?

The institution must hold regional accreditation at time coursework was completed. College level coursework is transferred to fulfill the basic skills, inquiry general education and co-curricular requirements.  All second bachelor degree students must complete an IDS 200 level course in addition to their major requirements.

How do I know if an institution is regionally accredited?

Generally, you can find accreditation information about an institution in its academic catalog and website. Regional accreditation is indicated by affiliation with one of the following associations: Middle States, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern and Western. If you are unable to locate this information, please contact for assistance.

I have received my transfer credit evaluation and have specific questions. Who can I contact?

You can contact the Transfer Credit Evaluation team by email at or contact a specific transfer credit evaluator from our Contact page.

What is a course syllabus and how do I submit it?

A course syllabus is a document provided by your instructor/professor, which includes the course policies, learning outcomes, required texts and a schedule of assignments. You can submit course syllabi to for further review of potential transfer credit.

Does Benedictine University accept Military or International credit?

Benedictine University will award credit for military education as part of an external credit program and based on the American Council of Education recommendations. Credit from international institutions must be evaluated by Education Perspectives, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., or World Education Services before submitting to Benedictine University for review. Credit for international coursework is subject to Benedictine University’s transfer credit criteria.

What are the Residency Requirements?

At least 54 of the 120 semester credit hours for graduation must be completed at a four-year regionally accredited college and at least 30 semester credit hours must be completed at Benedictine University, including at least 12 semester credit hours at the 200 level or above in the major. Courses completed at Benedictine prior to formal admission to degree status may not be used to fulfill this academic residency requirement. Such credit may fulfill other graduation requirements with the approval of the department and division chairpersons.

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