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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice online program at Benedictine prepares you to work in any branch of criminal justice that interests you - from crime scene investigation to the courts. You learn from full-time faculty as well as instructors with real world experience, including police chiefs and attorneys. Students may customize their coursework further with concentrations in White Collar Crime or Diversity in Criminology. Additionally, the Criminal Justice major can also serve as a basis for graduate work or as a foundation if you plan to attend law school.


This is an adult undergraduate degree completion program that focuses on criminology, criminal theory, and systemic issues. We study the underlying causes of the issues in our criminal justice system and urge students to think of ways to solve them. These include recidivism rates; crimes rates; race, class, and gender issues; as well as problems that may be inherent in the system itself. Through courses like Race and Ethnicity and Ethics in Policing, students are challenged to take a hard look at real-life situations they may face on any given day in the field. Our students are taught to think critically while learning life lessons and deescalation tactics that will be instrumental in making ethical decisions, handling high-stess situations, and building a successful career.

Critical Criminological Program
Our criminology program directly aligns with the Benedictine traditions related to human dignity, social justice, and the common good. Students focus on learning strategies and creating solutions to real-life scenarios that will lead to career advancement and systemic improvement at all levels of the criminal justice system. Students can also further customize their degree with a concentration in either White Collar Crime or Diversity and Criminology.

Rewarding Work/Life Experience
Here at Benedictine, we are proud of the work our students and alumni have done in the field. To reward the knowledge, skills, and experience gained, our criminal justice students automatically earn 12 credit hours toward their degree for completing an approved law enforcement training academy and starting the program with at least two years of professional experience.

A Social Justice Approach
Our program focuses on the role of poverty, race, gender, and morality in the criminal justice system. An intential social justice framework helps students see and make practical applications of sociological and criminological principles to real-world problems. We connect theory and practice in ways that enliven the subjects we teach to help students recognize their ability not only to grow as individuals but also to change the world around them.


  • CJUS 3324: White Collar Crime
  • CJUS 3326: Introduction to Criminal Investigations
  • CJUS 3331: Organized Crime
  • CJUS 3375: Violence in America

Our fully online adult undergraduate programs, like the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, allow students to attend classes and complete coursework from the convenience of their home, office, or anywhere they choose. These programs are designed for students to set their own schedules, while also letting them progress through the curriculum with a cohort of other students who are in similar stages of life.

Program Format:

  • Online, 8-Week Semester Courses

Admissions Requirements

Cumulative GPA 2.0/ 4.0 from any college level coursework, high school graduate or GED completion, at least two years of full time work experience.

Students who do not meet the above admissions requirements are encouraged to contact the Enrollment office to set up an appointment with one of our admission counselors to discuss the Admission Committee review process.

Admission Counselors will assist you throughout the enrollment process. You can learn more by visiting our Admissions Process page.

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