General Professional Studies

Bachelor of Arts in General Professional Studies (GPS)

General Professional Studies (GPS) is an adult undergraduate degree completion program designed for working adults who wish to enrich their lives and advance their careers through a flexible, competency-oriented program aimed at self-discovery and personal growth. Coursework is conducted fully online in a collegial and collaborative environment using learning management technologies optimized for diverse learners and learning styles, and is completed in less than two years with transfer credit. Students complete unique workplace-related projects tailored to their current jobs, special interests, and career aspirations. The focus is on building the cognitive and interpersonal skills that characterize the most successful professionals, not on memorizing information. Students graduate with a portfolio of artifacts ready to show employers the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program.

21st-Century Skills
The GPS major studies business and professional success through the lens of the liberal arts. Students engage subjects such as art, literature, history, philosophy, and psychology, rather than management, marketing, and accounting. Research shows that a liberal arts-focused curriculum allows students to build professional proficiencies in a unique way by honing their critical thinking, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Building Professional Competencies
Each GPS course focuses on one or more key professional competencies that employers look for when hiring or promoting the right candidate. These include problem solving,communication, critical thinking, cultural literacy, teamwork, emotional intelligence, ethical reasoning, and social responsibility.

Our Personal Approach
This program offers online learners the same personal and professional support that students would find in an on-campus environment. Each student has an academic advisor who works with them to develop their class schedule and a detailed graduation plan to ensure all degree requirements are met. Students also benefit from professional mentorship from the program’s full-time faculty.

Competency-Oriented Learning for Career Growth
Benedictine’s General Professional Studies program not only helps students master professional competencies that are key in today’s workforce but also helps them demonstrate those skills to potential employers. The program encourages personal growth and self-discovery as students work to develop professional building blocks that are highly coveted in any industry. Students graduate with a portfolio of their work that demonstrates their competencies as thinkers, readers, writers, analysts, designers, and leaders.

Sample Courses:

• GPS 3000: Personal Tenacity & Accountability
• GPS 3100: Lifelong Learning & Change Management
• GPS 3200: Sustainability & Citizenship
• GPS 3300: Information, Application & Design I
• GPS 3400: Cognitive Flexibility & Problem Solving I
• GPS 3500: Inquiry, Curiosity & Judgement

Program Format:

  • Online, 8-Week Semester Courses

Admissions Requirements

Cumulative GPA 2.0/ 4.0 from any college level coursework, high school graduate or GED completion, at least two years of full time work experience.

Students who do not meet the above admissions requirements are encouraged to contact the Enrollment office to set up an appointment with one of our admission counselors to discuss the Admission Committee review process.

Tuition and Fees

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