University Planning and Research
University Planning and Research

The Office of University Planning and Research (UPR) provides senior administrators and the Benedictine community with data used in managing the University, strategic planning and decision-making. As a service office, UPR coordinates reporting to both internal and external agencies and seeks to broaden the general knowledge of the University and its activities.


UPR is the provider of timely, high-quality information and analysis for informed decision-making.

  • Develops collaborative, respectful partnerships with all constituents in which active listening, communication and feedback enhance the mission of the University
  • Serves as the official reporting office for the institution
  • Collects, defines, maintains and preserves institutional data
  • Provides data analysis to inform executive decision-making and strategic planning activities
  • Responds to federal and state-mandated reporting requirements as well as requests from other external agencies
  • Facilitates program review by providing data
  • Supports systematic University-wide participation in strategic planning, implementation and reporting
  • Enables ease of access to data and reports for the members of the University community
  • Maintains a cycle of regular institutional studies, surveys, reports and summaries

University Planning and Research

Sheila Coffin
Executive Director of University Planning and Research
(630) 829-6664

Amy Shin
Director of Institutional Research
(630) 829-6625

Phil Anthony
Sr. Research Data Analyst
(630) 829-6626