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At Benedictine University, we will never be satisfied with the status quo.

When it comes to the business of higher education, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient, more effective, more innovative and more intentional so that we can continue to reach our ultimate objective — to provide students with a premier Catholic education with the finest environment and tools for them to learn, grow and succeed.

That is why we created BenU2020, our University-wide strategic plan. This plan will help guide us in our quest to offer programs and services that will enhance what we are doing well and improve areas where we need to do better, supported by academic and institutional effectiveness data.

Explore BenU2020 Goals
Mission Statement

Benedictine University is an inclusive academic community dedicated to teaching and learning, scholarship and service, truth and justice, as inspired by the Catholic intellectual tradition, the social teaching of the Church, and the principles of wisdom in the “Rule of St. Benedict.”

Vision Statement

Benedictine University aspires to be a thought leader in Catholic higher education. We seek to provide a transformative and integrative educational experience grounded in Benedictine values, helping students shape lives of meaning and purpose as engaged citizens who care for the Earth, welcome people of diverse faiths and cultures, and promote the common good.

BenU2020 Destination Statement

By 2020, Benedictine University will be a top-choice institution for our diverse student populations, recognized as a learner-centered, financially accessible Catholic university, regionally integrated with growing national reach, and financially strong and sustainable. We will achieve this through our differentiators of Benedictine values, high diversity, and professional preparation of lifelong learners; and by exceeding our competition in holistically focusing on learner needs, delivering programs in the most effective instructional formats, and providing academic excellence via high-impact learning practices.

The BenU2020 destination statement includes a specific achievement date, a set of measurable elements that represent an objective approach to determining success, and a succinct articulation of the unique method through which success will be achieved. The five institutional strategic goals provide the framework for a series of objectives, measures and initiatives. The objectives ensure no initiatives are identified that are out of strategic alignment. The measures ensure that the initiatives are focused where they are most needed and provide a set of indicators to demonstrate the impact of the initiatives over time.